Best ChatGPT Alternatives To Try in 2023

June 25, 2023 / Digital Marketing

Presently, ChatGPT is the talk of the town, and we cannot get enough of it. OpenAI’s renowned platform has stolen the spotlight shadowing the other AI platforms. There are many other useful and functional AI platforms that can take on ChatGPT.

In this post, we’ll unveil the best ChatGPT alternatives that you must try out in 2023.

Google Bard

It’s an experimental AI conversational service powered by Google’s LAMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). As per Google’s FAQ page on Bard, LAMDA has been fed trillions of words, and this helps it predict responses and allows it to carry on a conversation.

Microsoft Bing Chat

Microsoft Bing’s new chat feature, code-named Sydney, is making waves in the AI market. Microsoft has also introduced an updated version of Bing, which uses an updated version of ChatGPT. According to Microsoft, the new version is more accurate and faster than before.

Jasper.AI is an AI platform that runs in the cloud and delivers robust natural language understanding (NLU), conversational, and dialog management capabilities. Like ChatGPT, it provides inspiration for writing, helps create articles, and assists marketing teams in developing effective ad copy and generating images. is particularly useful for customer service, sales, and marketing tasks using Open’s GPT-3.5 in combination with internal NLU models.


Users can get answers to questions on any number of topics using Perplexity AI’s conversational search engine. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 API and, in contrast to ChatGPT, it responds by citing sites and sources from all over the web.


ChatSonic is known for creating factual content. It can potentially assist you in creating content with correct, factual information regarding trending topics and current events in real-time.


NeevaAI is a proprietary search engine and another ChatGPT alternative, which creates a unique experience by integrating ChatGPT and other specific language models.

It also enhances the experience with the most up-to-date data and the accuracy and precision delivered by the Neeva search engine. This system has the ability to search through millions of pages to create a comprehensive response that also consists of the sources relevant to the project.

Do you Really Need an Alternative?

The answer would be simple – YES! There are many reasons for the same, and let’s check out each one.

One of the prime reasons to use a ChatGPT alternative is to get more advanced features. For example, many of the alternatives provide sentiment analysis and speech recognition capabilities that help companies have more personalized conversations with their customers. As a result, companies can tailor their responses based on the customer’s input and provide a more engaging experience.

In addition, some of the alternatives equip support for various languages and integration with other customer service systems. Another advantage of a ChatGPT alternative is that it may be cheaper. Alternatives often offer more flexible pricing structures and may even offer plans that are free of charge for small businesses.