Fully Managed PPC Packages

It doesn’t really matter what the size of your business is; we at Deftsoft Informatics have a perfect PPC package for you. We have a team of experienced PPC experts that will work with you and create a campaign that caters to your specific requirements. We just don’t claim it; we love to walk the talk. Our result-oriented approach provides consistent management and optimization of your campaign and ensures maximizing return on your PPC investment.


Our Advertising Arsenal

Witness the Fully Managed PPC Packages

We understand that managing a successful PPC campaigns is not everybody’s cup of tea, and it is a full-time job in itself. So, it is the reason why we at Deftsoft offer fully managed PPC packages. To get you high-quality leads, our team of PPC experts will assist you in creating a customized PPC campaign.

You can rest assured that your campaigns are in good and safe hands. Check out customer tutorials and be assured. We continuously monitor and optimize the campaigns to achieve maximum and satisfactory results.

All we want is to support you to get more clients, achieve your sales & marketing goals and be on top of your business growth. So, if you are looking for a reliable and professional service that provides a complete range of PPC services, then Deftsoft Informatics is the place to be.

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Our Packages

Google Ads Services Silver Gold Platinum
Search Ads
Keywords Research upto 50 upto 100 Unlimited
Ad Copies Creation upto 5 upto 15 25+
All Extensions
Bidding Strategy Testing
Ad Scheduling
Demographics Tweaking
Geographic Tweaking
Device Bid Management
Search Terms Refining
Negatives Refining
Keywords Split Testing
Ads A/B split testing
Display ads
Remarketing Ads
Shopping Ads
Youtube ads
Regular Post Updation
Audit & Plan of action
Daily Optimization
Competitors Strategy Tracking
Google Analytics Optimization
Graphic Creation
Conversion Code Installation
Apple Map Setup
Landing Page Optimization
Weekly Reporting
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Facebook Ads Services Silver $240/M Gold $350/M Platinum $490/M
Facebook Business Manager Set Up
Facebook Ads Campaign – 1 1 upto 3 6 +
Ad Set Creation upto 4 upto 6 10+
Ads Creation upto 8 upto 12 20+
Pixel Installation
Custom Conversion Creation
Detailed Audience Creation
Custom Audience Creation
Creation Of Automated Rules
Competitor Analysis
Facebook Analytics Report Creation
Ad Campaign Monitoring
Catalogue Creation
Dynamic Ads Creation
Instant Experience Ads Creation
Customization Of Ad Placements
A/B Testing Of Ad Set, Creative And Placement
Carousel And Collection Ads
Traffic Monitoring
Weekly Report
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Proudly Certified Google and Microsoft Advertising Partners

We are a certified Google and Microsoft advertising partner, and we say that proudly. Now, you might wonder what it means to be a certified partner. It means you can rely on us for the best digital marketing services. The Deftsoft team of certified experts is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your marketing goals.

So, look no further than Deftsoft Informatics for a trusted digital marketing partner. Connect with us now and learn more about our services and how we can help you build your business.

Why Deftsoft for PPC Services?

We have been in the business since 2005 and know the trade’s tricks. We deliver leads, not just promises. We have served hundreds of clients with satisfying results.

Here’s why you choose Deftsoft for PPC campaigns and take your business to the next level.


You grow, we grow. Thus, we highly emphasize magnificent returns for every dollar spent with us. We provide a single point of contact to manage your projects effectively.


We like to keep things open and transparent. Being our client, we keep you posted with updates on your campaigns.


They say God lies in the details and believes in focusing on details. Our PPC audits help to identify any critical or potential issues in your campaigns.


It is important to be familiar with the new techniques and stay ahead in the race. We consistently test new methods to get the best results. It is good to be open to new opportunities.


We create PPC campaigns that align with your marketing goals. But, let’s be honest, we are here to make customers, and you will join hands with us only if we can provide results. We do not take satisfactory results for granted.

Team of

Why a novice? Because we believe in learning every day, so we are a novice every day. Why professional? Because we know the PPC business works. Remember, we have been in the business for the past 17 years.


Businesses are going global, so your campaigns should. We can help create a multi-location PPC strategy if your business has a diverse base.

Ready To Grow Faster? Get Your Free PPC Audit Today!

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 Increase Your ROI

What do Our PPC Packages Include

We are here to assist you in creating, managing and optimizing your PPC campaigns for the desired results.

Google Search Ads

What good a campaign is if it is not acquiring new leads? To get new leads, join our search ad campaigns targeting prospects looking for your brand online. Our campaigns offer extremely relevant targeting options which are easy to operate and monitor.

Display Ads

Our PPC campaigns aim to display your ads to the customers while they are browsing other websites. You must have witnessed ads while browsing a website; if so, you have already experienced what a display ad looks like. We can reach up to 90% of the online users with display ads.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are perfect for you if you are a retailer looking for some trendy ways to boost your sales. Such types of ads help the customer view the products, including the prices before they click on a retailer’s website. Shopping ads allow a higher chance of conversion with every click.

Tracking of
Sales & Traffic

Drive more traffic, get more leads and increase your sales with our reliable PPC marketing services. Sales & traffic tracking is essential when running Pay-Per-Click ads to measure the campaign’s impact. We ensure your marketing goals are met with consistent monitoring of sales and traffic.


With remarketing campaigns, you can connect with people who have already interacted with your website or app. We aim to present your ads in front of interested audiences when they browse. Remarketing campaigns help to increase brand awareness or entice audiences to buy your product or service.

Campaign Management

We manage your PPC campaigns in and out. We follow a rigid process to drive desired results from PPC campaigns. Unlike other marketers, we manage your campaigns in a way to reduce your marketing costs and deliver the best results.

Feel Free to Knock Our Doors

We love to solve your queries. Just tell us what is bothering you and we will be at your services. Your feedback is highly appreciated because it helps us improve and serve better.

    Client's Love

    We use innovative technology, adaptive methodology, and years of experience to deliver desired results to clients. We are always ready to listen to and solve our client queries. Have a look at our successful client work.

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    FAQ About PPC Packages

    Pay-per-click or PPC is a type of advertising that presents your website on the search engine result page when the user types specific keywords to the search engine. The ads displayed on the SERP directs the users to your website. PPC ads incurs a cost whenever the users click on the ads.

    There are various factors that influence the cost of a PPC campaign thus making it difficult to ascertain the precise cost of the campaign without consulting an expert. Connect with Deftsoft Informatics and we would help you launch a PPC campaign within your budget.

    There are plenty of reasons why users click on PPC ads. First, PPC ads are more drawn towards the advertised product or service. Secondly, various users are interested in knowing more about the product or service. Also, plenty of users are a bit curious about how the advertisement looks.

    The top PPC methods involve creating detailed and focused ad campaigns, managing keywords and monitoring results.

    While Deftsoft is managing your PPC campaigns, it is possible to modify or update your PPC package as per your needs.