Maintain Brand Consistency and Success Across Different Locations

Having multiple business locations poses a challenge in itself. As a franchise owner, if you need more sales and want to reach out to a wider audience you need franchise SEO services. Unlike other business owners, franchise owners focus on attracting local customers to their brick and mortar or online stores. When it comes to attracting audiences from multiple locations, franchise SEO is the only digital marketing strategy that will come to your rescue.

Did you know that 93% of consumers use the internet to find a local business? Also, 76% of people who search for a business nearby through their smartphones visit it within a day. With more and more people relying on search engines to start their buying journey, developing an online presence has become a must for businesses. This is where Deftsoft, through its bespoke franchise SEO services, will help you:

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Identify audience & keywords

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Create and promote content

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Earn high-quality links

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Legitimate social presence

Why Brands Must Invest in Franchise SEO Services?

Want to rank at the top of Google Maps so your customers can easily find you? Want your blogs to appear in relevant Google searches so more prospects land on your page? With Deftsoft franchise SEO services, all of this and more is possible. We provide franchises the support they need to compete in the digital landscape. Franchise SEO strategies result in brand consistency, accurate audience ad location targeting, aligned priorities and focused lead generation. Still thinking whether to use franchise SEO for your multiple location business? Read these points to clear your doubts:

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
  • Higher Search visibility: With an advanced local franchise SEO strategy, which includes a content creation plan built across searched terms; your brand visibility will increase.
  • Cost Effective : Franchise SEO is cost-effective compared to other online marketing strategies, like PPC, social media marketing and email marketing.
  • Gain More Market Share : 80% of customers use online reviews before making a purchase. If you want customers to easily find your business across multiple locations, invest in franchise SEO.
  • Consistent NAP : Consistent NAP for each franchise across location page, social media, review sites and business listings allow Google to pinpoint exactly what your franchise is all about.
  • Content Creation and Optimization : Franchise SEO campaigns ensure optimization of existing content, including adding personal expertise from a brand’s leading voice or testimonial content.
  • Tracking And Reporting Progress : Franchise SEO campaigns include a robust tracking and reporting system that ensures campaign performance is optimally measured.

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    Know a Little More About Our Franchise SEO Process

    Deftsoft has expertise in making your franchise locations more visible in search results and converting online searches into new customers. Through franchise SEO, we will help businesses capture customers throughout their buying journey. We will use a tailored approach to serve a specific franchise group or multiple markets while considering banding, technical infrastructure, product and service catalogs, and other variables. Our franchise SEO process includes six key steps:

    Why Choose Deftsoft for Franchise SEO Services?

    Is your franchise facing tough competition from local businesses? Your website has a lower ranking compared to less-authoritative businesses? Deftsoft, with its advanced localized franchise SEO services, is going to help you. Read the following points to clear your doubts.

    • A Broad Range of Clients: We work with individuals as well as corporate franchise owners with different customer segment. Irrespective of the size of your business, we will build innovative strategies tailored to your business.
    • Custom SEO Strategies : Our franchise marketing experts will develop custom strategies and provide effective communication to project managers. For a personalized experience, get in touch with us!
    • Regular Analytics and Reporting : Through comprehensive campaign analysis, we will deliver measurable results. We will send you weekly or bi-weekly updates, depending on the agreed terms.
    • Two-way Communication : We follow the latest trends and comply with all industry standards. We follow a two-way communication process and allow clients to give their feedback and input.
    • Latest Technology : Gone are the days of traditional marketing. We use the latest tools and techniques to boost the online visibility of your franchise and use a bespoke multi-location strategy to increase your sales.
    • Branding guidelines : We follow strict branding guidelines and ensure consistency across all online platforms. Doing so, will boost brand recognition and customer loyalty
    • Improved Foot Traffic, Leads and Sales : Want to increase conversions and sales for your multi-location franchise? Count on Deftsoft and get ready to enjoy higher ROI.
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    What Do You Get in Our Franchise SEO Campaign?

    Deftsoft is the leading franchise SEO marketing firm that specializes in PPC, local SEO and web design. We follow an analytics-driven approach to SEO for our global franchise clients. Our franchise SEO strategy is based on a strong local foundation, from citation listings to website structure , high quality content and online map listings. Want to know more about our wide range of franchise SEO services? Explore our services now!


    Audience and Competition Analysis

    At Deftsoft, we use the latest data tracking software to perform audience and competitive analysis to find out audience behavior and competitor performance. Our team will identify top sales-driving SEO keywords and search terms in your market and compare key variables with competitors. Next, we will develop an actionable plan to drive sales.


    Geo-Specific Content Marketing

    We will analyze each customer’s geographic location, based on the analysis we will provide relevant content in the form of geo-specific pages. Through geo-specific targeting, we will boost your online ranking as well as improve lead generation& conversion rates. Our team focuses on selective locations & demographic targeting.


    Review Response Service

    Online reviews play an essential role in boosting your online rankings. Through active customer response, we will boost you SEO visibility, increase brand awareness and improve your ranking in local searches. Our review response system focuses on improving customer relationships and establishing positive brand control.


    Voice Search Optimization

    32% of consumers prefer hand-free technology paving way for voice search. We follow the latest voice search optimization strategies to boost SERPs rankings, where we focus on conversational keywords, persona-based content, context with schema markup, and mobile voice search.


    Next-Door Advertising

    Advertising next-door reaches potential customers at a hyper local level, encourages existing customers to leave a positive review and fosters meaningful relationships. We focus on word-of mouth advertising from neighbors who had a positive experience with your business.


    Local Listing Management

    We use the latest local listing management tools with an automated listings finder to automatically update all listings and for review management. Our team will manage your business listings and improve your performance in local searches. We focus on citation acquisition claiming, consistent NAP data and GMB.


    Custom Web Design and Development

    Did you know a website tailored to the specific needs of your business can improve your organic rankings? At Deftsoft, we will provide an effective web design and development solution for clients. We focus on creating web design tailored to you branding, optimize customer experience, increase SEO and adapt to business changes.


    Mobile Optimization

    Did you know that 40% of transactions take place on mobile devices? If you want to increase conversion and earn loyal customers for your franchise business, create a mobile-friendly website. Our team will create an effective mobile-friendly SEO strategy to improve your site’s load time, integrate responsive design and user experience.


    Measurement and Analytics Reporting

    We will provide you easy to comprehend monthly reports showing the status of the project and the result of the franchise SEO campaign. Our team has the expertise to track incoming phone calls and monitor analytics daily to watch for discrepancies, penalties or other sales-damaging events.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Franchise SEO

    Local SEO for franchises is all about optimizing the website to ensure it shows up in the search results for location-based searches. Local franchise SEO helps in reaching out to customers searching for a particular thing in a specific city or region. In local SEO for franchises, we focus on a few tactics like using geographic keywords in the content, title tags, meta descriptions and location-specific testimonials and reviews.

    Professional local franchise SEO services include everything for improving the visibility of the website; getting more in-store sales and revenue. Our franchise SEO plan includes: developing a custom strategy for the brand, optimizing your website, tracking the website’s performance and creating fresh content.

    Through franchise SEO service, your business will reach customers near a particular storefront location. Local franchise SEO service is essential for a franchise brand operating in a corporate office or in a specific location to increase website visitors and sales.

    According to studies, the average hourly rate for an SEO agency is anywhere between $100 and $150 per hour. Many agencies also charge by hours these days or charge recurring monthly fees. At Deftsoft, we offer cost-effective franchise SEO services tailored to your business needs.