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Did you know one Facebook page can attract over 500 million active users? So, if you are not using Facebook ads to boost sales, get ready to lose out on a million-dollar opportunity. With over 1.79 billion monthly users, Facebook is the best platform to target and reach a broad audience. A study by Adobe found that Facebook ads are considered most relevant and interesting by users. These figures embody the need for businesses to switch to Facebook advertising. All set to get started with Facebook Ads? Deftsoft is here to help you out!

With the decrease in organic reach forces and the popularity of Facebook, more and more businesses are turning to paid promotion. However, marketers often make mistakes, like focusing only on ad traffic and not taking conversion rate into account. Such mistakes are responsible for the failure of most Facebook ad campaigns. Partner with us and enjoy guaranteed results.

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Why Should Businesses Invest in Facebook Ads?

With Facebook, businesses can even reach customers who aren’t looking out for their products. It is a prime way to build awareness while placing offerings in front of highly specific and broad target audiences. When it comes to detailed targeting, Facebook is the ultimate platform. Still not convinced? Read these points to clear your doubts!

  • Create Ads With Specific Objectives: Customized ads to accomplish specific goals, like website clicks. Have better control over the ads you create.
  • Budget-Friendly: Facebook ads are less costly than traditional media. By spending $5 on FB ads, you can reach 1,000 people.
  • Increase Brand Awareness: Facebook ads, run a website click campaign and send the target audience to your website. It’s an effective way to increase web traffic and brand awareness.
  • Easy to Track: Tracking options allow you to check the conversion rate, clicks, and impressions you are receiving. Tracking compares your results with set objectives.
  • Better Ad Types: Facebook offers a wide range of ad types that are not available in other paid channels. Use the ad types to create visual, creative, graphic-styles ads with multi-media elements.
  • Fast Results: Facebook offers ad types for short-term and long-term digital marketing strategies. Ads on Facebook are approved within 24 hours and are right fit for a business looking for quick results.
  • In-Depth Data: Through Facebook ads manager, businesses acquire insights into performance metrics and aggregate data. Brands can measure each ad through unique tools.
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    Know Everything About Facebook Ads

    With updates like exclusion controls and increased transparency of Facebook data, the social media network shows no signs of slowing down. Facebook ads work, and the proof is 7,044 installs after spending $9,821 on Facebook ads in just 30 days. But, the question is how to use Facebook ads and whether your business is the right fit for these ad types. Not every business can earn more traffic, clients, and sales through Facebook ads. Like a business with a low cost of entry, or like the one selling a SaaS product or looking for more sign-ups. They can’t achieve success through Facebook ads. Hence, the key to success is to identify your goals and choose the best ad type accordingly.

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    Dig A little Deep Into Deftsoft’s Facebook Ads Process

    Determine the Campaign Objectives: Before setting up the campaign and placing ads, we have to find out what to accomplish through the Facebook ads. Your business objective can be:

    • Increase Brand Awareness
    • Increase Reach
    • Boost Traffic
    • Enhance Engagement
    • App Installs
    • Video Views
    • Conversions
    • Catalog Sales
    • Set up Your Budget and Schedule: We will determine how much money is required to set up the campaign. We will set up a daily or lifetime budget. Decide on the start and end dates and whether to schedule your ad today or in the future.
    • Know the Facebook ad Targeting Options: FB offers three audience selection tools for smart targeting: core audiences, custom audiences, lookalike audiences.
    • Find Out the Right type of Facebook Ads: Decide on the right type of FB ad that aligns with your business objectives like images ads, video ads, carousel ads, dynamic Facebook ads, etc.
    • Decide On the Ads Placement: Where do you want your ad to appear? Facebook or Instagram? Messenger or News Feed? Facebook provides an automatic placement option where you only have to tick the option where you want the ad to appear and let Facebook do the work for you. You can also choose the device type, platform, placements, specific mobile device and operating system.
    • Set Brand Safety Cost Control: You can exclude any inappropriate content for your audience. avoid using sensitive content, including specific websites, videos, and publishers in your block list.
    • Create Your Ads: Here, we will choose the ad format, text, and media components for your ad. The ad format will vary depending on the campaign objective.
    • Test Everything: We will test variants of a creative ad with the same audience to see which ad will give the best results.

    Extensive Range of Facebook ads Deftsoft has Expertise in

    Want to target customers at the right time, through the device they are using? We can do it for you with our extensive range of Facebook ads!



    These ads appear when people scroll through Facebook.


    Stories Ads

    These are full-screen vertical ads that appear in-between people’s stories.


    In-Stream Ads

    These ads appear when users consume video content on Facebook and Instagram.


    Search Ads

    They appear alongside search results on Facebook and Instagram.


    Message Ads

    These are sponsored messages via Messenger.


    In-Article Ads

    Appear as native or video ads on the audience network.


    Carousel Ads

    The best type of ads to show different benefits of the same product or display many different types of products.


    Dynamic Facebook Ads

    It will show products in front of people interested in brand.


    Lead Ads

    Available for mobile devices, these ads allow users to give contact information without typing.

    Enjoy Real-time Facebook Ads Results with Deftsoft

    With Deftsoft, create engaging ads on Facebook the most popular marketing platform.There are numerous advertising opportunities on Facebook, but dealing with paid ads alone is not that easy. This is where a reputable social media marketing agency like Deftsoft will help you out. We will help you better understand how paid ad networks work and what the social media giant has in store for businesses. To take advantage of Facebook advertising, get in touch with us!

    enjoy facebook ads
    • Bespoke Facebook Ads Strategy
    • Our well-defined strategy will lay out the key things we will tackle in your ad campaign. We will define who we target and break down the campaign into actionable steps.

    • Ads Optimization
    • Our team will handle all the elements of scroll-stopping advert creative. From writing engaging ad text to matching the social scroller’s mood, we will optimize every part of the ad.

    • Experienced In-house Team
    • We have run numerous campaigns for a variety of clients across the globe. Get in touch with us to learn how we can increase Facebook engagement and post reach.

    • Transparent Reporting
    • Through regular reports, we will keep you updated on what we are doing, why we are doing it and what results you will get.

    • Precise Targeting
    • We will conduct comprehensive research to identify which targeting option is suitable for your business. Our team will put your ad in front of the right people and increase your conversion rate.

    • Split Testing
    • We specialize in split testing audiences, landing pages, or adverts. We know when and what to test and how to achieve desired objectives.

    • Facebook Ads Remarketing
    • We will help your business get more sales by designing effective remarketing campaigns. Here we focus on cookies/session tracking.

    What is Included in Facebook Ads Campaign?

    We will help you with everything from strategy creation to campaign analysis. Our experienced team will help you achieve the Facebook objective of choice; it can be to increase awareness, gain consideration, or earn conversions. We will research, track, and adapt to online trends. Want to know what we can do for you? Here is a list of services we provide to customers.


    Facebook Ad Design

    With us, tell your brand story through different Facebook ad formats. We use the most effective ad formats to meet your campaign goals. We provide a seamless conversion experience for your ideal target audience, from custom-branded landing pages to Facebook lead forms.


    Facebook Ad Copywriting

    Deftsoft helps clients in developing a creative ad copy to better convey their ad story to the target audience. To create an effective Facebook ad copy, we will start with audience targeting, creating short and simple content, using CTAs, and making sure the ad copy matches with the visuals.


    Facebook Ad and Landing Page A/B Testing

    Through A/B testing, we will determine what improvements are required in your FB ad campaign to boost performance. Our team will effectively develop A/B tests, analyze your results and make data-driven decisions about your ad campaign. Data obtained from the test will be used for making data-driven strategies to achieve desired results.


    Facebook Ads Analytics And Optimization

    To get higher ROI, we will track the campaign's results over time and analyze these results based on key performance indicators (KPIs). Measurement allows us to determine your goals, get a higher ROI and develop future Facebook ad strategies. Tracking gives us information about the most effective types of ads and ad elements.


    FB Pixel Tracking

    We will drive results to your ad campaign by setting up ads in the best possible manner. Through Facebook pixel tracking, we will track conversions and work on audience building. To fully utilize pixels, we effectively incorporate them in the strategy, like focusing on remarketing audiences, custom conversion tracking, visits/duration, and pages visited.


    FB Catalog Creation

    Our team uses Facebook catalogs to manage and promote your inventory across various platforms, like FB ads, FB shop and Messenger. When creating a FB catalog, we will pick a category that best suits your product/service. Through catalogs, we create dynamic ads, promote stock and create collection ads.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Ads

    FB ads offer opportunities to businesses to attract and connect with their target audience at a lower cost. FB is especially popular for local advertisements and is used by 63 % of customers hence a cornerstone in the brand’s social media strategy for boosting website visibility. Top reasons for investing in FB ads include cost-effectiveness, wide reach, target specific audience, ease in setting up, support organic strategy, and a variety of ads.

    Facebook, through its customer targeting feature, shows your ads to people who have an interest in your brands or find these ads relevant. FB ads offer three targeting options, core audience targeting, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences. Always define the audience for smarter targeting in terms of location, behavior, demographics, interests, and connections.

    The FB pixel is a piece of code that we will put on your website to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by evaluating the actions people take on the website. With FB pixel you can measure cross-device conversions, optimize content delivery, and create custom audiences.

    Numerous factors affect Facebook ads performance like:

    • Audience type
    • Ad quality or relevance score
    • Imagery
    • Post type
    • Landing page
    • Ad copy
    • Ad optimization

    To take your Facebook advertising campaign to the next level, we will focus on key factors like increasing ad spending, using campaign budget optimization, trying new lookalike audiences, targeting geographic locations, avoiding audience overlap, and switching offers within the same campaign.