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Want to improve the performance of your website and boost the user experience? Are the on-site elements of your website configured to achieve maximum organic visibility? Is your website technically sound? Fret not! Partner with Deftsoft for a suite of state-of-the-art technical SEO services where we fix the website’s technical issues, improve brand exposure, drive visitors and increase conversions.

Nail the technical SEO foundation of your website to improve the website’s overall health and organic search visibility. An effective technical SEO strategy will ensure Google bots crawl and index your website, giving you an upper hand over your competitors. We will give your website a technical advantage, at the same time boosting your other marketing efforts.Over the past 15 years, we have created technically advanced websites for our clients and improved their digital presence. We conduct in-depth technical and site speed audit and provide industry-leading expertise to drive real value and higher ROI.

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Google Penalty Removal

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Schema Markup Implementation.

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Site Speed Optimization

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Website Migrations

Why Businesses Invest in Technical SEO Services?

Delay of one-second increases your page load time, and your bounce rate results in the loss of valuable leads. Technically optimized websites help in attracting organic traffic from search engines. Despite how good your website design and content are, it will be rendered useless if users can’t access or navigate your website. After conducting an in-depth technical audit, we will identify issues related to indexing, redirects, image optimizations, schema opportunities, and a whole lot more. Still, thinking whether you should invest in technical SEO, we are here to clear your doubts.

  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Enhance Your Organic Traffic: Using the right metadata format, creating creative and unique content, and improving the technical aspect of your business will boost your organic traffic.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Get Better Quality Clicks: Combine technical SEO tactics with strategic keyword research to find better quality leads for your business.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Higher Conversion Rates: A well-designed website is a sure-shot way to enhance the conversion rate of every business.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Responsive Design: Site structure must be responsive to handle a significant amount of mobile traffic, thus appealing to a wide market.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Adhere to the Safety Rules: Technical SEO ensures your website complies with all the safety rules and follows search engine-friendly guidelines.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Enhances ROI: Technical SEO builds trust and increases click-through rate, thus enhancing ROI and ranking on Google search engine.

What is Technical SEO and Why It’s Important for Businesses?

Google provides users the best results for their query and for this, Google robot crawls and evaluates web pages on different variables. Some of these factors include user experiences, like page loading speed and other technical SEO ranking factors. Even if you have the best website, you won't see the desired results if your technical SEO is all messed up. Technical SEO makes the website search engine friendly and easy to use for users. A technically sound website is fast for users and easy to crawl by robots.

Technical SEO experts at Deftsoft perform technical SEO audits to improve website technical aspects making sure your website is free from technical issues. Before we talk about essential technical SEO factors, it’s important to understand common technical SEO issues to avoid them at any cost.

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Over Indexing

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Missing HTTPS

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Duplicate or
Missing data

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Poor Navigation

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Missing alt Tags
and Internal links

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Broken Links

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

No XML Sitemaps

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Low-value Pages

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

404 Pages

Deftsoft’s Technical Audit Checklist

  • Fast Page Loading Speed

    We will check the loading speed of your website and remove the variables responsible for slow, low speed.

  • Crawlable for Search Engines

    We will ensure your website has a great linking structure and guide robots not to crawl a certain content using robots.txt file.

  • Check Out the Dead Links

    A landing page that doesn’t exist creates frustration amongst users. We will check if a link leads to a non-existing page on your site as it showcases a 404 error page to users.

  • Check Duplicate Content

    Check the duplicate content issue and canonical links. Use self-referencing canonical links to all the web pages.

  • Structured Data

    Through structured data, search engines will better understand your website, content, and even your website pages.

  • Security of the Website

    Technically sound website is a secure website.

  • Check the XML Sitemap

    XML sitemap offers a roadmap of your site to search engines. The search engine won’t miss any important content on your website through XML.

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    Why Choose Deftsoft for Technical SEO Services?

    To survive in the competitive landscape, businesses must stay on top of the technical on-page SEO tactics. Our SEO experts will ensure your web pages are structured for online users and search engine spiders. Leverage our SEO services to make your website technically sound and achieve long-term growth. Partner with us to enjoy:

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

    In-depth Website Audits

    We will perform comprehensive site audits for not only your technical SEO campaign but also paid campaign, CRO and analytics, and competition.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

    Technical SEO Specialist

    Our experienced professionals will assess your project from the start till completion. Implement data-driven technical SEO recommendations and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

    Goal-oriented Strategies

    Focus on achieving target results within the set time frame. We will align technical SEO strategies with your business objectives.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

    Ongoing Monitoring

    To achieve a higher rank on SERP, we will take care of key factors like keywords, snippets, intent, content, and backlinks regularly.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services


    Our team will simplify the website migration process for you. Our robust migration plan includes benchmarking analytics performance, updating all internal links, eliminating duplicate content, and monitoring traffic and rankings.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

    Technical SEO Consulting

    Our technically sound SEO team will analyze your website, point out website issues, and take immediate action to resolve them on time.

    Explore our Extensive Range of Technical SEO Services

    We offer a wide range of technical SEO services that eliminate common errors within the website that may hurt the search engine rankings at affordable prices. After conducting the initial technical audit, we will optimize the indexation. If your website's technical on-page SEO functionality is hindering your organic search performance, our technical SEO services will help you out!


    Competitor Analysis

    We will review competitor SEO strategy, tactics in the competitor analysis and determine your conversion opportunities. We will analyze competitors' keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence, and technical and backlink profiles and create appropriate strategies.


    Image Optimization

    If your website contains large images, it will reduce your website performance and drive away visitors. Our team will reduce the site load time and drive more customers to your website. For images; we will use the right file format, optimize the alt attributes, reduce the file size, utilize image sitemaps and maximize image optimization plugins.


    Website architecture and structure review

    To achieve good organic search results, focus on the website structure or taxonomy of the website. Good website structure will improve your search engine rankings and your user experience. At Deftsoft, our experienced SEO team will optimize your website’s information architecture to give you an edge over competitors.


    Backlink Analysis

    We will perform backlink analysis to ensure your website gets incoming links from reputable websites. After reviewing the backlink data sources, we will identify referring domains, check their site authority, and determine the social share magnitude of the linking pages.


    Metadata Analysis

    We will write Meta tags to describe the page content to website visitors and search engines. Our team will optimize meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robot tags. We will ensure no misused metadata harms your SEO performance.


    Google Penalty Removal

    To remove the Google penalty, you need a technical mindset. Our team will ensure your website is not hit by an algorithm update and find out the reason for the penalty. We have diagnosed hundreds of Google penalties ranging from the classic link-based penalties to pure spam manual actions.


    Speed Optimization

    Your website page speed directly impacts your customer’s online experience. Using file compression we will reduce the size of your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. We also optimize the website code, reduce redirects, leverage browser caching, utilize content distribution networks and improve server response time.


    Keyword Research

    After researching customer behavior and current industry trends, we will create a list of appropriate keywords for your website. We will study your niche and perform technical SEO audits to evaluate keywords rankings and optimize your web pages using high-performing search terms.


    Website Migration

    To avoid losing traffic, you must develop a robust website migration plan. Website migration involves everything from updating the website's layout to changing the URL structure or moving the website to a new domain or content management system.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Technical SEO

    Yes, website speed is an essential ranking factor. To rank high, you should aim for website speed as high as possible; however, increasing website speed above a certain point is not possible. The aim should be to achieve website speed higher than your competitors.

    Technical SEO errors will prevent your website from performing well on Google. To monitor technical issues, we make use of advanced tools like SEMrush audit tools. We make use of thematic reports that cover factors like crawlability, HTTPS, site performance, as well as errors, warnings, and notice on over 130 points.

    It’s necessary to optimize the robots.txt file not only for blocking pages or site content from the search engine but to maximize the efficiency of your crawl budgets. Without a robots.txt file, your website will not be optimized in terms of crawlability, will be prone to SEO errors, is easy for hackers to attack, and will have indexation problems.

    There are a variety of schema markups businesses can implement on different web pages of the website. Schema markup helps in displaying details in SERPs like logos, contact numbers, customer care, social media accounts, and blogs. Through schema markup, Google will understand your business and differentiate your brand from the rest.

    Yes, the greatest thing about Technical SEO is that it offers improvement. Your website will rank high on Google only if it’s relevant and technically sound. As we improve your website on technical factors, users will be compelled to visit your website, and your domain and page authority will increase.