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Attracting the right customers, nurturing ideal prospects and generating targeted traffic is the ultimate goal for any e-commerce business. But the question is, how can you achieve this goal and move past the competition? Your answer lies with e-commerce marketing services. The huge growth in e-commerce means competition; as a result, e-commerce companies struggle to attract customers to their business. This is where Deftsoft can help!

Choosing the right e-commerce marketing company will make the difference between failure and success in a competitive landscape. If you want to boost the sales of your online store as well as increase repeated purchase and revenue, count on us! We offer a suite of e-commerce marketing services that makes e-commerce marketing simple.

E-commerce marketing spans numerous digital marketing channels as well as offline ones: search engines, social media, email marketing, and owned media blogs. Deftsoft has expertise in promoting your business on all the above-mentioned platforms. Whether you have an active retail presence or not, you need well-thought-out e-commerce marketing plans to drive awareness and increase sales. So, why wait? Get ready to boost e-commerce sales with Deftsoft.


Full-service E-commerce Partner

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Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

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Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

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Why Must Brands Invest in E-Commerce Marketing Services?

More and more customers are taking advantage of online shopping. Online stores allow customers to shop 24/7, avoid checkout lines, access international brands and find all they need in a single place. If two stores are offering the same service, why does one firm stand out and the other appears invisible? It's the magic of e-commerce marketing that makes online stores stand out!

If you want to grow as an online store, here are some reasons to invest in e-commerce marketing services.

  • Centralize-Your-Business-Functions.png
    Centralize Your Business Functions : Through e-commerce marketing, you can create an organized system of unlimited channels. Use data tracking tools to monitor leads and brand interactions, get access to multi-channel product listing and reach customers across various platforms.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Boost Online Visibility : Bring your brand in front of your target audience and potential buyers. E-commerce marketing solutions aid increasing brand reputation and reach.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Get Rid of Abandoned Carts : Did you know 69.22% of shopping carts are left abandoned during the checkout process. With e-commerce optimization services, convincing online customers to purchase their wish-listed products becomes easy.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Say No to Excess Spending : Get inside information, monitor budgets and optimize spending for your e-commerce strategy. We will help you to get targeted results while staying within your budget.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Enhance Your Customer Base : Get unlimited opportunities to connect with millions of prospects across the globe and convert them into leads. With your e-commerce website, scale your business without the need to change your location.
  • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Achieve Business Objectives : Our team will use innovative e-commerce solutions to scale your business, increase your product range and eliminate wasteful activity. We will align data-driven strategies with your marketing goals.

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    E-commerce Marketing Campaigns to Turn First-Time Buyers into Repeated Customers

    Failure to promote and animate products on an e-commerce site generates low conversion rates. Fret not! Create a customer-centric e-commerce strategy to enhance the user experience. We provide e-commerce marketing solutions to help businesses improve their online campaigns and attract more customers. Get in touch with us, sit back and enjoy soaring revenues to your online store. We provide cross-channel digital marketing strategies to help businesses achieve their desired marketing goals. Our team has helped e-commerce clients achieve the following results:

    Search Campaigns
    Website Traffic
    Google Shopping Conversions
    Average Position
    Click-Through Rates
    Organic Revenue
    Year-Over-Year Transactions
    Desired Marketing Goals
    Website Branding

    Why Count on Deftsoft for E-Commerce Marketing Services?

    Enjoy full-service value-driven e-commerce marketing strategies with Deftsoft. With us, you will achieve more than just average results.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    A Long-Term Strategic Partner

    Deftsoft offers strategic consulting to grow your business with innovative solutions tailored to your needs. We are available on Slack; & update clients through bi-weekly& weekly meetings.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Master of Tech Solutions

    We use a stack of new marketing tools like AI-powered SEO tools to give our clients an advantage in speed, accuracy, communications and efficiency.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Full Service-Full Funnel

    We are a full-service e-commerce marketing firm with dedicated teams for PPC, Amazon ads, e-commerce SEO, social media advertising, eCommerce store web design, content marketing, and more.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Detailed Targeting

    We follow a multi-campaign approach to optimize insights to reach your target audience perfectly. We will analyze behavior of your target audience and create tailored targeting strategies.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Execute with Marketing Experts

    Our e-commerce marketing experts have over ten years of experience and know which strategies will work best for your business.

    Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
    Timely Reporting

    Our team will provide timely reports that show results according to your KPIs for e-commerce, weekly and monthly. We will communicate work progress with you at each step.

    Explore Our Wide Range of E-Commerce Services

    Make your e-commerce marketing more effective with an expert partner like Deftsoft. With us, you get desired e-commerce traffic, orders, and revenue while we focus on performance analytics and scaling. We develop strategic, high-performing campaigns for e-commerce clients.


    E-Commerce SEO

    When you own an e-commerce website, you not only have to think about your customers but crawlers as well. Ensure your website is discoverable to crawlers, which is only possible if you have search engine optimized pages. We use advanced SEO techniques and enticing content to take your website to the top of search results.


    E-commerce Content Writing

    Our team offers a wide variety of e-commerce content marketing services. Our experienced team of content writers is skilled in creating web content for online stores across various industries. Our e-commerce content writing services include product descriptions, company web pages, blog posts, articles and meta tags.


    E-commerce PPC management

    We will connect your online store with the right customers, at the right time, using the right platform. Through our analysis, you will acquire qualified traffic from high-intent buyers. We offer landing page conversion, paid advertising, e-commerce marketing & A/B testing. Our experts will boost your business with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


    Shopify SEO

    Are you finding it difficult to boost sales on Shopify store? Let our Shopify SEO experts generate orders to skyrocket your sales. We are a certified SEO Shopify agency that specializes in assisting e-commerce stores in growing business. Our team performs Shopify audits, keyword research, on-page & off-page optimization, & backlink analysis.


    Conversion Rate Optimization

    We will help you turn your website visitors into customers using data-driven analysis, A/B testing, website audits, CTA optimization for online stores, websites, and more. With our e-commerce marketing services, we will increase your sales and revenue in no time. Ready to get started? Get in touch with our expert team.


    Social Media Marketing

    A ccording to a report by Statista, 30% of US internet users purchase something via social media. Our team specializes in paid and organic social media strategies to give you a competitive edge. We will optimize your social media posts, provide review responses and share valuable content to enhance your social media visibility.


    Amazon Marketing

    The Amazon marketing landscape is constantly changing and we adapt to these changes to help our clients make the most of the Amazon platform. We focus on PPC advertising, SEO, email marketing, video marketing, web design, CRO (conversion rate optimization), user data and user-generated content.


    Mobile Marketing

    Through mobile marketing, we add figures to ROI. With us, you will get a multi-channel strategy where we connect with customers by SMS, email, social media, content marketing via a mobile app, and more. To build a successful mobile marketing strategy, we focus on the mobile buying persona and marketing goals.


    Affiliate Marketing

    Our full spectrum affiliate marketing services will help businesses build high performance affiliate campaigns to increase visibility. We deliver tangible results with our affiliate campaigns where you will only pay for real customers and leads, not just page views or clicks. Become a part of our pay-for-performance marketing model.


    Display Advertising

    We offer a high quality display advertising service to help clients create brand, product or service ads using text, images and video. Display ads are targeted in several ways, including contextual, placement, remarketing, location and demographically-based. We help to attract, inform and convert prospects through display ads.


    Content Creation and Promotion

    A good content development strategy will give users all the product or company information they need in an easy and concise form. Great website content engages users from the first, second and answers all-important questions about the product and service the customers are looking for.


    Multimedia and Email Marketing

    Generate & close more leads with targeted multimedia & email marketing campaign. With Deftsoft, you will get an opt-in email list, custom and proven template email layout, custom email content, & tracking of email campaigns. Our multimedia services cover everything from ads, videos, brochures to educational videos.

    Frequently Asked Questions About E-commerce

    Innovative e-commerce businesses have transformed the way customers shop and also their purchase decisions. While many rules in the e-commerce world have changed, the basic business models remain the same. If you are starting an e-commerce business, you will fall into any of the four e-commerce business models: B2C, B2B, C2B, C2C. Also, there are four value delivery methods in E-commerce like D2C, white-label, private label, wholesaling, and dropshipping.

    To establish a successful e-commerce business, your website must contain certain essential services. It must be ubiquitous in nature, helps in reaching a large customer reach, must be of universal standard, must be interactive, and contain rich information and content. Other features include easy checkout, reporting tool, and a promotional and discount code tool.

    E-commerce marketing refers to any effort done to promote your online store using digital marketing channels, offline as well as online ones. In e-commerce marketing, we use social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and facilitate purchases online. Email marketing, social media marketing, email marketing are part of e-commerce marketing.

    E-commerce marketing helps in reaching and attracting new customers, availability, and ease of viewing a wide selection of products, keeping an eye on buyer’s habits, selling your products across the globe, and is cost-effective. The benefits of e-commerce marketing are endless, but you can only avail them if you have the right plan

    We perform the necessary SEO activities to improve the search engine visibility of your online store. Use analytics to track trust and conversions, improve the design and UX of the website, enhance the user shopping experience and reduce cart abandonment rate.