We will Maximize Your Amazon Budget to Get a High ROI

If you are a part of today’s omnichannel e-commerce ecosystem, you can’t ignore Amazon. Online retailers who utilize the power of Amazon to their full advantage gain the upper hand over others in terms of online visibility and sales. If you are looking for a foolproof plan to increase sales on Amazon, count on Deftsoft’s Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Amazon, a leading e-retailer in the United States, had a revenue close to $386 billion in 2020. This global scope and reach has made Amazon the most valuable brand worldwide. We already know this but do you know how to become a part of it? How do you get started? How do you get a competitive advantage over your competitor? Our experienced team of Amazon experts will craft a customized strategy to maximize your budget. To get a higher ROI and enjoy your desired results, count on us!

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Why Businesses Need to Invest in Amazon Marketing Services?

Google Ads and social media campaigns have been there for quite a long time. We all know they are affordable and have highly measurable tactics to promote your products. But very few are aware of and, most importantly, use the new player in the field. We are talking about Amazon Marketing Services/ Amazon advertising to compete with the major players, i.e. Google and Facebook. 56.8% of the digital ad market belongs to Facebook and Google, while Amazon is at 2.7%. However, experts estimate Amazon’s market share to increase with the rise in its popularity. Still need validation to use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)? Read the following points to clear your doubts.

  • Find Buyers at the Right Time: Amazon caters to buyers, not browsers. If you have ads on Amazon, you already capture the attention of potential customers. Need help in capturing the attention of buyers? Count on us!
  • Enhance Your Brand Visibility: With the help of AMS, you can increase brand visibility. Thousands of shoppers surf the website, allowing brands to attract more customers.
  • Boost Conversion Rates: Amazon has an average conversion rate of 9.50%. We will focus on ad images, product details and ad titles to enhance your conversion rate.
  • Higher ROI: Less competition means bid and ad costs on Amazon are lower for selected terms and keywords. Lower bid and ad costs give rise to better optimization of ad results.
  • Leverage Amazon Prime Day: In 2017, AMS registered a 150% to 200% increase in ad impressions, a 100% to 150% boost in ad clicks and a 250% to 300% increase in ad attributed sales. To capitalize on this increased traffic and the purchase power of Amazon Prime Day, sign up for our AMS services.
  • Use Video DDS: Finding it hard to advertise your product with still images? We will create video ads for Amazon to achieve higher conversion rates.
  • Variety of Services: We offer a variety of ways to help you reach potential clients, like sponsored ads, headline search ads and product display ads.
  • Rich Insights and Data: Data on consumer behavior helps optimize online advertising strategies to reach your target audience. With Amazon Marketing Services, you will gain valuable data that’s useful for running a successful ad campaign.
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    What is Amazon Marketing? How Does it Work?

    With more than 300 million daily active users, Amazon has become the largest marketplace in the world. According to BloomReach, Amazon will outperform Google in search intent. Hence advertising on Amazon has become a must-have for businesses. Amazon helps you stand out in the market, increase demand for products and promote products at the last stage of the buying funnel using search ads.

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    • Ad Formats that are used on AMS include

      Amazon Sponsored Products: Our team will manage hundreds of ad accounts and know that sponsored products are most effective in growing your business. They are the basic ad types for Amazon sellers. Benefits of investing in these ads include:
      • They appear on almost every page and are extremely valuable to sellers.
      • They have high conversion rates compared to other ad types.
      • They will appear on Amazon SERPs.
    • Sponsored Brand Ads: Whenever a customer searches for a product on Amazon, sponsored ads pop up. They appear on the top, alongside and within the search results page. Through them, customers will discover your brand, products and store on Amazon. Benefits of sponsored ads include:
      • Drives traffic to your store.
      • Boots your brand visibility.
      • Boosts sales.
    • Sponsored Display Ads: These ads play an essential role in remarketing efforts. You can display your ads to customers who have viewed your products, or similar products. They are based on the demographics of the target audience. Benefits of sponsored ads include:
      • Bring traffic to your product page.
      • Increase brand awareness.
      • Gain exposure.
      • Gain traffic.

    What will Deftsoft Amazon Marketing Services Do for Your Brand?

    Want to promote your brand and products in front of additional in-market shoppers on Amazon? Deftsoft is here to help you out! We will promote your products alongside those of your competitors when customers are at the last stage before conversion. From the start until the end, we will handle your entire Amazon listing management. When you partner with us, you can expect the following:

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      Get Access to Real Purchases : We will help you advertise on Amazon and encourage purchase-ready customers to buy your product.
    • Run-Effective-SKU-Level-Campaigns.png
      Run Effective SKU Level Campaigns : We will help you advertise each product differently. By doing so, your losses will decrease and you will achieve a higher ROI. SKU advertising helps clear stocks as well as promote seasonal and new products.
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      Delightful Shopping Experiences : To give you a competitive advantage, we will create delightful shopping experiences for your customers.
    • Content Marketing - Deftsoft SEO
      Simplify Shopping for Customers : We will create unique stories and landing pages, as well as simplify your return policy to make shopping easy and fun for customers.
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      Continuous Improvements : We will optimize product reviews, prices, headlines and product descriptions.
    • Latest-Tools-And-Technologies | Deftsoft SEO
      Latest Tools and Technologies : We use the latest tools to bring your product listing closer to your potential buyers. Our team will also help you in planning retargeting Amazon ads.
    • Perform Competitor Research | Deftsoft SEO
      Perform Competitor Research : Use of state-of-the-art tools and Amazon Bestseller Rank (BSR) strategies to identify competitors. We will also find product gaps, opportunities and MSRP price recommendations.
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      Review Analytics Report : We will constantly check analytics reports to review the performance of each product and keyword.

    Our Extensive Range of Amazon Marketing Services

    Amazon’s search engine is different from others. So, your marketing strategy needs to be different and should be based on shopping only. The end goal of Amazon's Marketing /services is to boost the sales of listed products. Certain factors to consider when marketing on Amazon include: price, sales history, conversion rate, click-through rate and availability. Deftsoft will make sure the specifications of your products are clear and concise, leading to a high conversion rate.


    Amazon Store and
    Marketplace Launch

    Our team will create a new Amazon store for you as well as audit and optimize your existing store by improving product descriptions and display updates. We will also analyze competitors rankings and see how we can outperform them. We will help you at each stage, from account set-up to improving conversions.


    Amazon Storefront
    and Branding

    If you are a small business owner, Amazon Storefront is your way to success. It’s a separate section on Amazon for highlighting small businesses. We will set up an eye-catching store front and position your brand for maximum visibility. Our focus will be on the product detail page, content, improving product images and EBC design.


    Amazon Reporting
    and Analytics

    We will keep you informed about the ongoing improvements through monthly Amazon advertising reports following a transparent approach. The reports indicate a return on ad spend, advertising cost of sales and PPC data. They highlight detailed items per sale, sales over time, reviews, customer satisfaction and listing optimization.


    Amazon SEO

    We will perform all the required activities to boost your product listing rank in search results. Our marketing specialists will conduct in-depth keyword research, categorize every product and create outstanding content. We will optimize product images, analyze user engagement and offer FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) support.


    Amazon Review
    Management Services

    Navigating customer reviews can be tricky. Fret not; Deftsoft, with its review management services, can help you. Our team will use Amazon vine to earn reviews from trusted reviewers, send out emails to encourage reviews, answer product-related queries and manage negative reviews.


    Amazon PPC

    Our experienced team will put you center stage by providing sponsored products management, sponsored brands management, product display ads, video ads, Amazon Vendor Central management and Amazon AI advertising management. With us, you can enjoy the benefit of subscribing and saving a program, lightning deal, coupon and promotion management.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Marketing Services

    No, we can’t directly advertise your website on amazon. Any attempt to divert transactions or buyers to another website or sales process is prohibited by Amazon. Any marketing message that forces customers to leave the Amazon website is prohibited by the tech giant.

    If we look at the average data, businesses invest $9000 to $60,000 per month into Amazon marketing services. How much brands must invest in Amazon marketing services depends on various factors like companies’ marketing strategy, monthly ad spend, business size, and more.

    Deftsoft uses best practices to create sponsored product ads that deliver desired results. In sponsored ads, our team focuses on the following variables: use of negative keywords, automatic targeting, and experiment with different bidding options. Need help with sponsored ads or want to optimize an existing campaign? Get in touch with our team.

    To ensure amazon reviews reflect well on your business, you must optimize your amazon reviews. Also, it’s essential for businesses to remove negative reviews that can cause monetary as well as non-monetary loss. We make use of Amazon Vine, the review posting platform, to earn positive reviews from customers.

    The answer depends on the stage of the sale funnel you want to target. As a rule of thumb, sponsored products are more effective in the lower funnel of the buying stage. And, when we talk about sponsored brands ads, they are useful in creating brand awareness. I.e., they serve the upper funnel.