Drive Satisfactory Social Connections to Your Business

More than 70% of marketers believe social media platforms to be a major marketing destination. If you do not agree and have not established a social media presence, it's time to do so. There has been an increase in social browsers using social media platforms to research and purchase products.

Social media is no longer only a platform to interact with your friends or watch entertaining videos; it's a platform that will drive traffic, increase sales and boost brand awareness. It’s high time companies invested in social media marketing services to create, rejuvenate and reposition their brand. Need help to enhance your social media presence? Deftsoft is here to help you! Our social media marketing is simple: track, test, tweak and repeat.

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Gain Marketplace Insights

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Powerful Reporting

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Enhance Brand Authority

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

More Inbound Traffic

Building Brands with Passion and Innovative Ideas

Want your business to thrive and flourish in a cut throat competitive environment? Join hands with Deftsoft and climb up the social media growth ladder. Social media marketing is the fastest way to grow your business today with incredible opportunities to drive revenue. It’s the best way to reach new audiences, build brands and find new customers. So, let’s find out what makes it unique and a must-have investment for brands .

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
  • Boost Your Brand Awareness : Social media platforms help with easy, effective brand building. It ensures customers look for your brand even when they aren’t thinking about your product/services.
  • Increase Brand Conversion : A strong social media marketing strategy will generate conversations about your brand, products and partners.
  • Boost Community Engagement : Grab the attention of your current followers with jaw-dropping messages and content. We use user-generated content and popular hashtags to enhance your social media presence.
  • Find New Customers : Harness the power of social media to expand your brand reach thoughtfully. Targeted social media posts and creative content promote your business to current and new customers.
  • Direct Referral Traffic: Through social media marketing, send customers directly to your website. Social media channels provide more diverse inbound traffic streams.
  • Link Building : Social media marketing also has a direct impact on SEO. We use the latest social media tools for planning social media posts and linking your SEO content.

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Social Media Channels We Work on

Developing trust relationships with your customer’s in 2021 is harder than ever because of the rising concerns of privacy and fake news. Studies show 75 % of people don’t accept ads as the ultimate truth and 63 % of social media users consider consumer ratings when making purchase decisions. The data clearly shows it’s high time for brands to invest in social media marketing. We will help you build two-way communication to boost your brand visibility.

Want to boost website traffic, increase brand awareness and build loyal customers? Say no more. Deftsoft, with its unique and tailor-made social media strategies, will aid you in achieving this goal. Our focus is to convert website visitors into customers. We have expertise in:

Facebook with 2,853 Million Active Users

YouTube with 2,291 Million Active Users

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Instagram with 1,386 Million Active Users

LinkedIn with 660 Million Active Users

Pinterest with 478 Million Active Users

Twitter with 397 Million Active Users

Social Media Tools that Give us an Edge Over Other SMM Firms

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
Facebook Analytics
Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
Sumo Me
Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

What will You Get in Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

Being the most effective, economical mode of digital marketing, it’s essential to develop the right strategy on the right platform. At Deftsoft, we believe in providing a tailored social media marketing strategy to help clients achieve their desired results. We first understand the clients' requirements, do in-depth research, then formulate and execute social media strategies. Our broad range of social media marketing services includes.


Engaging Organic Social Campaigns

At Deftsoft, we use advanced tools to build a social community, share posts and respond to customer comments. We follow a detailed approach where we focus on identifying your audience, investing in the right content, posting and scheduling regular posts.


Managing & Monitoring Social Reputation

The process starts with posting strategic content, monitoring social media channels and engaging with customers who talk about your business. We will monitor social media reviews, social media feedback and sentiment, social engagement and brand mentions.


Content Development

Wondering how to deliver social media content? We will plan your social media content, keeping your marketing on-message and helping you to achieve your business goals. In content development, we focus on identifying KPIs, choosing the right social network, research content topics and plan your content calendar accordingly.


Paid Advertising Campaigns

We will create paid advertising campaigns, keeping your audience in mind to best target your company and brand. We pay attention to conversions, measure and track results, understand when to advertise and ensure your brand is in the right place at the right time. We also perform split-testing to find out which paid ad will work best for you.


Brand Reputation Management

We will help you to build a positive digital presence. Our team will monitor search results and social media, repair negative reviews and ensure brand mentions align with your goals on popular social media channels. We will defend your brand against slights and misgivings from potential competitors.


Social Media Analytics and Reporting

Our team is experienced at studying analytics to track campaign performance. The data we analyze include website data, social media network data and CRM software data. We will also track and optimize your audience, engagement rate, click-through rate and track ROI on paid social campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Marketing

Through social media marketing, you can spread the word about your brand. More than exposure, social media marketing helps in developing long-lasting relationships with the target audience. Social media helps in reaching out to all ages and demographics, encourages two-way communications, and is perfect for consumer service.

Social media marketing does wonders for both B2B and B2 businesses. In B2C business, we focus more on light-hearted content and fun social media posts. On the other hand, in B2B business, we focus on sharing industry-relevant content, the latest news, and trends in the specific industry. Social media is a vital tool for connecting with customers in both B2B and B2C industries.

Through social media, outreach brands collaborate with influencers, bloggers and publishers to build a strong network and boost the organic growth of the firm. Through social media, outreach brands provide valuable information to those interested in the business. Through influencer collaborations, brands create valuable content, establish a powerful position, and build a strong SEO presence.

Our team of experienced social media marketers keeps a close watch on the latest industry trends and uses the latest tools to provide high ROI to the business. Some of the social media marketing tools we use include Buzzsumo, MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, Sumo, Adespresseo, Adobe Spark and Photoshop to create images.

To measure the ROI of your social media marketing campaign, we will compare your results with competitors through analytics, such as engagement and followers, to see where your business stands in your target market. Some metrics we track include follower count, engagement rate, purchases, sign-ups, downloads, website traffic. We use Google Analytics to track website traffic and conversions.