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Is your conventional marketing campaign not delivering the desired results? Thinking about what went wrong and what you can do to attract customers? Have you ever heard of the term ‘content is king’? Quality content will not only rank you higher on search engines results pages, it will also attract customers and sell your services.

The future of marketing revolves around content. You have to create content that will help customers make better decisions and establish your company's authority online. This is where Deftsoft helps you out! We offer a fleshed-out, comprehensive content plan to meet your digital marketing goals. Deftsoft is your go-to source for information and our team will ensure you to leave your competition far behind.

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Why Must Brands Invest in Content Marketing Services?

Content marketing is no longer an exciting new marketing concept. It has transformed into an essential marketing powerhouse for every industry. Thinking whether content marketing is important for your business? The answer is yes! Strategized and properly executed, content has the power to attract audiences to your website, converting them into leads and sales. The higher the content quality, the more valuable it is to your audience and the more likely they will engage with your business. Let's dive in and take a look into why investing in content marketing is a must for your business.

  • Content is at the Heart of a Digital Marketing Strategy : Content supports and connects all your digital marketing strategy elements. It's the hub, while the supporting elements of the marketing plan are the spokes.
  • Attractive ROI : Quality content pulls more website visitors and leads. Consistent content boosts website traffic, conversions and gives you quality leads.
  • Buyers are Hungry for Content : Build trust with great content. Through content, your brand comes to life and your reputation increases.
  • Content Marketing Improves Your SEO : Content creation is the most effective SEO technique and helps to better index web pages. Google gives preference to websites with fresh content.
  • Cost-Effective : Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing techniques and generates three times more leads.
  • Boost Brand Loyalty : Relevant, engaging content helps in building trust within the online space. Post continuously on both your site and social media to increase brand loyalty.

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    Why Choose Deftsoft for Content Marketing Services?

    Want your website to achieve your set sales goals? If so, it must contain search engine optimized, descriptive, original and understandable content. At Deftsoft, we offer our clients high quality content writing services that your professional website requires.

    • Professional Content : We are your professional digital marketing company that offers content which best communicates the purpose of your website.
    • Researched Content : Our team will research your website’s brand, services, purpose and audience content that dynamically tells your story.
    • SEO Optimized Content : Understand how search engines work and constantly update our methods to match search engines' new updates.
    • Quality Leads : With our content marketing services, the quality of and number of leads will increase. You will hit three stages of the buyer's journey through lead generation: awareness, consideration and decision.
    • Reach New Audiences Fast : If you want to target a new audience, we have your back! With strategic content, you can expect results overnight. Want to boost brand awareness quickly? Get in touch with us!
    • Tell Your Brand Story : Create an emotional interaction by sharing a brand story through well-articulated content. Through content, you can give information to customers about your brand, its benefits and use case.

    What is Content Marketing, and How does it Work?

    Content marketing is a strategic process for improving a brand’s visibility and earning trust. Content marketing generates three times more leads compared to conventional marketing techniques. If you are a content marketing leader, get ready to enjoy 7.8 more site traffic than non-leaders. It's high time brands understood the target market and created a content strategy that serves the needs as well as solves customer's problems along the way. Want to provide consumable content to your audience? Count on our content marketing team. The different types of content we write for clients include:

    • Blogs
    • Guest blogs
    • Social media updates
    • Videos
    • Web Content
    • Press releases
    • E-mail newsletters
    • Infographics

    What Will You Get With Our Content Marketing Services?

    We have the inside information on how search engines work and the internet community. But we also know that no one knows your customers better than you. That is why we will involve you in the content creation process and take your feedback to deliver your desired results. Our content marketing services include:


    Brand Content

    Unless you produce insightful content that reaches your target audience, it will be impossible to grow your brand. When writing content for your brand, product or service, we focus on your business goal, blog titles, frequency of posting, subheadings, the power of keywords, using CTA. The key focus is to increase conversions through content.



    Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing at its peak. We use the right approach, knowledge &style to write content to convince your customers. Collaborate with our industry-focused writers who excel at nailing tone, style, and subject matter. From blog posts to white papers, our content focuses on creating brand awareness.


    Web Content Writing

    Have a message you want to convey to your readers? Our web content writing service will not only make your website more interesting but promote your business the right way. While writing website content, we focus on writing easy to read text, organize topics properly; use fresh and optimized unique content.


    Social Media Content Writing

    Crisp, snackable social media posts can do the trick of creating engaged followers. Our experienced writers will become your brand voice, creating enticing content with sensory descriptions. We will optimize content according to the platform, add images, address your readers and experiment with different content types.


    Review Writing

    Do you know a good product review can transform each click into a business opportunity and conversion? In product review writing, we assess a product and explain its features so that the buyer will be motivated to purchase the product. We will add a personal touch to product reviews making them more authentic.


    SEO Content Writing

    SEO and content goes hand in hand. In SEO writing, our key focus is to create and optimize content with the primary goal of ranking in the search engines. Amazing content+ solid on-page SEO is equal to SEO writing. Our team will focus on your audience, keyword-rich phrases, the structure of the posts and imagery.


    Press Release Writing

    Make a big announcement for your incredible product, business, service, book launch with our press release writing service. Our team will write press releases to make an instant impact, drive traffic and expand reliability. Our press releases will be 100 % original, engaging, SEO optimized and on time.


    Article & Blog Writing

    Scale the SERPs ladder with our article and blog writing service. Our blogs are not only targeted at Google algorithms but readers as well. Through blogs, we will establish a relationship between the readers and the brand, thus enhancing your conversion rate. Our blogs and articles are informative, ideal for inbound links with high readability.


    Newsletter Writing

    Informative, easy to read copies always register an impression, increase visits to your website and increase the sales of your products and services. Through the email newsletters, we keep both your current and prospective customers up to date on your brand, its offerings, nurture leads & guide customers down the sales funnel.


    Technical Content Writing

    Technical writers are the unsung heroes of the tech world. Our experienced writers convey complex ideas, principles and functionalities in a readable format to different audiences. While writing content, we focus on three key factors: present generalized content with focused ideas, use simple language, & highlight important factors.


    Campaign Optimization and Adjustment

    The last step is to take the results and track data to boost your campaign. We will see how your audience is receiving your content and then adjust the data to improve visibility by tracking the results. The end result will be a continuous wheel of sales-driving content that will boost your brand visibility.


    Content Tracking and Analytics Reporting

    Our job doesn’t end with posting content. We track and measure its performance from time to time, ensuring we are going in the right direction. With monthly reports, you can check the status and results of your content campaign, as well as how our well-written content is affecting your bottom line and branding efforts.

    Most Sought After Content Marketing FAQs

    Depending on the type of content you create and business objectives, content marketing boosts brand awareness in numerous ways. Content marketing helps in generating new leads, provides a higher ROI, allows brands to take advantage of social shares, increases website traffic and helps to boost organic search.

    Our team continuously tracks the results and determines ROI on the basis of the business objectives. If you want to increase brand awareness, we will track website traffic, bounce rate or social shares. If your goal is to generate leads, we will track the number of leads, conversion rates and average time to close.

    Content marketing is a long term strategy. During the initial month, you will experience more social shares and new leads, but achieving the ultimate business goals takes time. Great quality content provides value for years to come and is an asset that builds loyalty, generate leads and drive sales in the future.

    Content marketing helps both small as well as large scale businesses. Consumer brands, tech companies and service-oriented businesses can use content marketing to reach out to a large target audience. However, for the B2C and B2B businesses, the content marketing techniques and strategies will differ.