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Want to predict the future buying behavior of your customers? Web analytics will help you do this! With the right analytics in place, you can anticipate customer needs, mitigate risks, deliver the right products, create personalized experiences and enhance customer satisfaction. Google Analytics is the source of all your business decisions and analytics audit data is the growth factor.

At Deftsoft, we scrutinize every detail of your analytics account from initial setup to evaluating metrics configurations. If you want to expand your business, don’t forget to measure the movement of website visitors. We use Google Analytics to monitor every movement on your website and a wealth of statistics to develop better, results-driven search engine marketing strategies. To catch the footprints of your potential customers and stay ahead of the competition, count on our strategy and analytics consulting services.

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Why Your Business Needs Strategy and Analytics Consulting?

According to Harward Business Review, companies are spending 11.1% of their marketing budget on analytics. With the revolution in digital analytics, it’s important to develop a tailored strategy that adapts to new trends and drives a positive outcome. Still thinking about whether to adopt data analytics in your digital marketing strategy?

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  • Strategic Decision Making : Invest in Google Analytics to share your story and long-term issues while uncovering sources of efficiency and profits.
  • Manage Data Effectively : We will ensure your data is of the highest quality and accurate to use it in creating and planning strategies to boost organizational growth.
  • Data Visualization : We will help you go beyond the pie chart and histogram with a next-level data presentation that helps you keep track of current performance.
  • Calculate Your Lifetime Value : With us, gain insights into customer loyalty, segmentation and loyalty. Tracking customer behavior is the basis of making unique strategies that work.
  • Gain Access to Customized Data : We will provide you with Google report templates or build customized reports for you. We make the dimensions and metrics easy to understand.
  • Measurement and Reporting framework : We will identify and solve issues that prevent you from achieving the desired goal by reviewing current analytics.

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    What is Google Analytics? How Our Process will Help
    You In Tracking Performance

    Tracking website performance and collecting visitor insights with Google Analytics is a part of web analytics. Google Analytics provides you with the needed statistics and basic tools to optimize your SEO and marketing. Determine top sources of user traffic, track goal completions, discover user engagement trends and acquire other information about users, like demographics. Through Google Analytics, get your hands on customizable reports that focus on key variables, like several users, bounce rates, average session durations, sessions by channel, page views, goal completions, and more.

    At Deftsoft, we follow an industry-standard methodology providing clients with the desired results. We will help you with analytics consultation, strategy implementation and optimization.

    Analytics Consulting

    Whether you have already implemented website analytics or need help auditing your website based on analysis, we will help you. Our team of experienced web analysts will audit your current analytical practices and understand your business goals.


    We use the information obtained from analytical audits to discover opportunities and implement new strategies relevant to your business. Our web analytics agency has expertise in setting up a robust strategy.


    We will set up a tracking code for your business and set parameters, custom dimensions and goals recommended during the initial stage. Our team will keep you updated on the activities we perform and guide you at every step.


    Our experts will regularly study analytical reports and ensure the data is clean as well as relative to your business. We will share this data with you to aid you in business decision-making.


    Why Choose Deftsoft for Strategy and Analytics Consulting?

    Now you can improve your marketing performance with advanced analytics services. We will accurately measure, track and quantify every single variable. With the right marketing analytics in place, we will find out the key reasons for the decrease in performance. Still thinking, why should you choose us for managing your Google Analytics account? Here are the key reasons.

    • Purposeful Business Decisions

      We will help you to align data points and processes within your organization and determine which stats works best for you, thus improving your decision-making.

    • Actionable Business Insights

      We provide data that represents realistic scenarios, real document problems and help visualize business opportunities in a single view.

    • Real Analytics for the Whole Business

      Our team focuses on incremental improvements that will provide you with compound gains for every aspect of your business.

    • Structured Analysis

      We follow the OODA approach (observe, orient, decide and act) to effectively analyze data and deliver real-time results to our clients.

    • Easy to Access Data

      It’s your data and should be easily accessible to you. To facilitate data-driven conversions, we will ensure data is accessible across all departments.

    • Save Time and Resources

      We don’t produce many reports and only provide relevant data highlighting what’s important for your business.

    What will you Get in Our Strategy and Analytics Consulting Service?

    We will help you identify your analytics loopholes beforehand and give you freedom from misleading or wrong information. Our expert team has a deep understanding of web analytics technology, business intelligence, conversion mechanics and conversion optimization that drives business results. Have a look at our wide range of Google Analytics services.


    Google Analytics
    Audit Services

    Want to conduct a deep check on your Google Analytics account? With the help of our comprehensive audit, we will ensure there are no errors or gaps in the data collection process. Your team will audit the tracking code, configuration, data integrity, conversion tracking and account linking.


    Google Analytics
    Consulting Services

    Having a Google Analytics account is not enough; you need to do more with it. Our certified analytics team will determine your goals, interpret your existing data, recommend solutions to aggregate data, create customizable reports and set up conversion funnels, and more. To know what more we can do with your Google Analytics account, get in touch with us!


    Data Reporting
    and management

    We perform analysis for various business variables. Like your target audience, you want to achieve business goals within a time frame and reports for each variable you wish to review. We will generate reports based on the analysis and perform the same step based on the generated reports.


    Google Analytics
    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Through Google Analyctis CRO, we will deliver key points leading to better business growth. Our CRO strategies will boost your business revenue and provide you with a smarter working approach. In CRO, we focus on various factors to fetch results from data that show which factors generate more leads, sales and revenue.


    Google Analytics

    Improper migration will lead to poor tracking of traffic, events, e-commerce, reporting and visitor engagement on the website. We will develop an effective Google Analytics migration strategy, including analytics implementation of your current website and mapping it to a new website. By doing so, all your data will be tracked effectively.



    Through the Google Analytics e-commerce tracking feature, we will track the e-commerce data of your website or app. E-commerce tracking will give you insights into website traffic and audience. Other metrics we focus on include exits, bounce rate, goal conversion rate, insights into demographics, landing page views, and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Startegy and Consulting

    To track the behavior of your customers and develop customized strategies to better target them, firms need strategy and analytics consulting services. Data analytics will help your business in effective data management, support decision making, gain access to customized data, track conversions, and help with e-commerce tracking.

    Data analytics strategy provides businesses with the tool needed to analyze and report on marketing data collected through digital channels like social media platforms. It also involves display or search ads, email, and affiliate marketing sites. Through strategy and analytics consulting, your business delivers the right message to customers at the right time, retail customers, increase customer lifetime value, and interact better with customers.

    Data analysis helps firms to choose new business opportunities, generate high ROI, prepare the business for future growth and predict future trends. Using data in decision-making will keep your business in the right direction, optimize your current and future operational efforts and create actionable insight in the interest of the company.

    To offer the right services to customers, it’s essential for firms to evaluate and predict customer behavior. Through analytics, businesses will obtain the information needed to create effective strategies to meet customers’ demands. Data analytics helps in predictive analysis by using four methods: segmentation, forecasting, pricing, and customer satisfaction.

    We have a dedicated in-house team to execute projects for our clients. Strategic direction and 1-on-1 consulting will be handled by our experienced team. In analytics, we will measure your website or app's effectiveness to achieve target objectives.