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with Automotive SEO

We build your automotive firm with stellar SEO services driving leads, phone calls & foot traffic.

Whether you are a newbie in the world of automotive industry or run a well-established car dealership, to boost sales you need online presence. Creating a name in the hypercompetitive auto industry is not easy but those claw their way out who effectively advertise their business. And, we are not talking about the traditional TV ads to spread the word out for your car dealership but bespoke automotive SEO services.

Deftsoft the leading auto SEO service provider will help you build, customize website to match the user’s intent who are searching for information about your cars or car parts. We know consumers looking for different products have one thing in common. They search the internet to find the right dealer and it’s only through SEO, as a car dealer you can reach out to your customers at the right time.

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Key Statistics about Automotive SEO
That will take you by Surprise

  • There has been an increase in automotive digital ad spend in 2021 accounting to $13.29 billion.(eMarketer)
  • 1 in 3 per cent of car buyers know the value of car they want to buy.( COX)
  • 95 % of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information.(Google)
  • Automotive shoppers spend 33% of their research time on a mobile device.( J.D Power)
  • 66 % of automotive calls generated from search engines come from paid search.

What is Automotive SEO and How It’s Different from
Traditional Marketing?

We all know SEO and digital marketing are important for boosting online success of your car dealership. But, you might be thinking is automotive SEO right for your business and do you need an automotive SEO strategy? If these questions come in your mind, we are here to clear all your doubts.

Automotive SEO is all about building a website that is suitable for your auto dealership with focus on optimization, link building, content customization, and other efforts that will boost car purchase. In auto SEO, the key SEO variables that need attention to boost ranking on the SERP include:

Automotive Creative Link - Deftsoft SEO

Creating navigation

Automotive Meta - Deftsoft SEO

Meta tags

Automotive Headline - Deftsoft SEO


Automotive Content - Deftsoft SEO


Automotive Keyword - Deftsoft SEO


Why to
invest in

  • Get a Competitive Edge: To rank higher in the search engines, invest in SEO to grab more attention and generate more clicks.
  • Get Targeted Leads: By adding broad keywords like car dealership you will not get to the first page. Use location specific keywords to get more traffic.
  • Gain authority: People consider high ranking websites to be credible, respectable and authoritative.
  • Increase brand awareness: Even if you have the best cars and super after sales service, if customers don’t know about your brand it will be of no use. To increase brand awareness invest in automotive SEO.
  • Create bespoke user experience: Through an appealing website and creative landing page, grab user’s attention. User experience also depends on the website speed.
  • Snippets and Website Schema: Google offers snippets that are longer sections of the text that showcase at the top of the search engine results. Use this feature to promote your content.

Automotive SEO vs PPC Which one to Opt for?

Hundreds and thousands of people search the internet to find cars and car dealers. Most of the searchers click on the first links that appear on the SERP.Want your dealership to be amongst the top dealers on the first page of Google? If so, you have two options to do so. Either invest in SEO or go for paid Google ads.

In PPC, you can set up a paid campaign based on your goals and search terms you want to rank for. Next, set the budget and Google will serve your ad at or near the top of the relevant SERPS.

But, in PPC once you stop the campaign your work will be lost, that’s not the case with SEO. Although SEP is a long term process but provides long term results that can help you scale your automotive business. Through well-tuned automotive SEO you can lift your site to the top. Deftsoft the leading digital marketing agency specializes in both automotive SSEO as well as PPC. Whatever marketing technique you select, we are pleased to help you.

Add Automotive Local SEO Services to your
Arsenal and let your Business Shine

Deftsoft has expertise of working with hundreds of automotive service companies and specialize in various aspects of digital marketing. Your automotive business deserves state of art and customized SEO strategy that drives results. And, we are her to deliver what you have been looking for! Irrespective of whether you own a car workshop or a luxury car dealership, it’ through advanced SEO strategies you can increase website ranking.

Have a look at the wide range of advanced automotive SEO services we provide to clients.

Auto Keyword - Deftsoft SEO

Keyword Research

It’s essential to select the right keywords when doing automotive SEO. Use keywords bases on the competition, search queries, and user intent. We use Google adwords tool to validate keywords.

Auto Quality - Deftsoft SEO

Create Quality Content

We will create content keeping automotive needs of customers in mind. To convey information about your brand we will write web pages, blogs and emails.

Auto Landing- Deftsoft SEO

Landing Page

Create user friendly and clean landing page to display information to customers, increasing website traffic and conversions.

Auto Local - Deftsoft SEO

Local SEO

Our team will optimize listings of your automotive business in GMB. If your business shows up in location-based searches, you will get more leads.

Auto On page - Deftsoft SEO

On-Page SEO

Here we will focus on Meta tag optimization, conversion rate optimization, and featured snippet optimization.

Auto Technical - Deftsoft SEO

Technical SEO

If your website takes forever to load, customers will switch. But, fret not! At Deftsoft , we will use technical SEO to create a fast and responsive website.

Hold Our Hands and Explore the Wide Range of Automotive SEO Services

Want to work with an automotive SEO agency that delivers proven results? If so, count on Deftoft the top rated SEO agency that gets you like no one else. Deftsoft specializes in developing automotive SEO strategies that will boost your online presence and bring you a step closer towards your marketing objectives. Since the automotive industry is constantly changing, it’s important to keep up with these changes and develop tailored strategy that matches with the users intent.

Get, in touch with us to enjoy bespoke automotive SEO services

With fierce competition on the internet, optimizing your website is something you can't ignore. This is where our SEO experts will help you. We will use the right tactics to increase your organic traffic, build authority and increase conversions. Have a look at the wide range of law firm SEO services we provide to our clients.

  • Goal-Oriented SEO Solutions: To achieve your specific SEO gold, count on our laser focused and advanced SEO strategies.

  • Expert Team: Our team of certified SEO professionals will give you the best possible results. We will take your business to the new heights of success.

  • On Time Reports: We provide transparent results, by providing monthly and weekly reports highlighting the status of the project.

  • Reliable Results: We will provide timely update son the success of the project, take your feedback, answer suggestions, concerns or questions you have. We will address your queries on a timely basis.

  • Use Correct Website Schema: We will integrate schema markup on your website to give you a heads up against your competitors.

  • Successful Track Records: We have a proven track record of going above and beyond to help businesses achieve the set objectives. Partner with us to outrank your competitors.

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

Amazing Results That Showcase
Our Expertise

Want to know how our automotive SEO services will take your car business to the next level? You might be thinking what are the various tools we use to promote your business online? Have a look at our case studies to get answers to all your questions.

Automotive Local SEO Dashboard - Deftsoft SEO

Local Automotive SEO Case Study

Deftsoft’s experienced SEO professionals performed local automotive SEO for Big Brand Tire, a tire retailer and automotive service center. We achieved the following results in just one month-

  • Direct searches: 127,802
  • Discovery searches: 77,191
  • Branded searches: 40,032

We focused on GMB optimizations, multiple geo-targeting and local citation building to achieve these results.

PPC Automotive Case Study

We ran a PPC campaign for our client Wheel Plus – the finest car accessories provider. We focused on creating search, display, shopping, dynamic, and performance max campaign achieved-

  • Impressions - 34,871,322
  • Clicks - 269,557
  • Conversions - 988.00
  • CPA - $73.60
  • ROAS - 6.10
  • Amount Spent - $72,717.57
  • Revenue generated - 443,630.04

We focused on GMB optimizations, multiple geo-targeting and local citation building to achieve these results.

Local PPC - Deftsoft SEO

FAQ on Automative SEO

If you want to reach out to online customers at the right time invest in automotive SEO services. If you don’t have a quality website and well-established online presence acquiring customers or even retaining existing ones will become difficult.

To rank high on SSERP it’s important to select the right key words and phrases. Use the phrases people use when typing a query in the search engine. However doing keyword research on your own can be difficult. This is where Deftsoft, the leading automotive SEO service providers will help you out!

Our automotive SEO campaign included a wide range of services like content writing and optimization, local search techniques, technical design updates, link building, data measurement, performance tracking and more. To enjoy our wide range of services, give us a call!

Through content marketing we will boost the traffic of your automotive website. In content optimization we will focus on Meta titles, Meta descriptions, headings, alt tag, write informative blog, social media and more. We will fine tune and revamp your content to attract more users.