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Want your app to surpass millions of daily downloads? In the competitive app world, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to rank at the top of the app store. An effective, well-curated app store optimization strategy (ASO) differentiates successful firms from the rest. ASO ensures users can easily find your app among hundreds of others in the targeted app store. With more than 5 million apps in Apple’s App Store and Play Store, it’s the hard work and specific strategies that will give your app its much-deserved stardom.

How do you make your app the top one in the market? How to match the intent of the app to user's needs? The answer is Deftsoft's app store optimization service. We customize ASO to ensure faster downloads from the App Store and Play Store by your target audience. Master the app ecosystem to improve brand visibility, rankings and app downloads with Deftsoft .

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Full-scale App Optimization and Marketing Solutions

With increased dependence on mobile applications, investing in ASO services has become the need of the hour.Deftsoft will help you increase app downloads and boost relevant traffic to your app. We keep track of your app's performance; optimize it regularly in comparison with your competitors for the same keywords. Our team uses advanced tools to optimize the architecture of your app while analyzing reviews and ratings. Are you confused about whether to invest in ASO services? Here are the reasons why investing in ASO is worthwhile.

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  • Increase App Visibility : 60% of apps are discovered through app store searches. If you are app is not optimized, you will lose valuable potential customers. ASO helps your app appear on the first page of Google.
  • Increase in Downloads : There is a direct co-relation between app ranks and downloads. A higher rank means more exposure and an increase in the changes of app downloads.
  • Reduction in User Acquisition Costs : ASO helps eliminate the need to spend big money and focuses mostly on organic growth.
  • Enjoy Long-term Success : If downloads are not doing well, we will modify the strategy to keep up with the new trends. There is no need to spend more when strategies evolve to adapt to the new changes.
  • Increase ROI: Make the monetization of your app worth it with our app store optimization services, increasing profits with extra downloads.
  • Maintain Good App Health : Through our ASO services, resolve all the technical issues in the app and ensure it is user-friendly.
  • Get Relevant Traffic : ASO not only ranks your app higher but ensures you get relevant traffic; it helps in reducing users removing your app and increases target audience reach.

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    Outstanding Features of Our App Store Optimization Services

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    • Title and Description : The title is the most important metadata that generates downloads. We will create a keyword-specific title to draw maximum attention to your app. Our team will creatively use the optimal 252 characters to convince users that your app is worth downloading. Also, we will ensure descriptions contain as many relevant keywords as possible.
    • Relevant Keywords : Through in-depth keyword analysis, we will discover the search terms users type when looking for similar apps. Never use keywords that are not related to your app, and use only one form of a keyword. We use the latest tools to analyze keywords.
    • App Logo and Screenshots : Compelling visuals will give you an edge in the marketplace. Our team will work closely with you during the app design phase to ensure your app contains a high-definition logo and app images. Also, we will use an icon that is easy to recognize and memorable for your brand.
    • Reviews and Ratings : These two variables affect app store rankings and users' decisions to download the app. To optimize reviews, we will develop a full proof plan with a focus on inspiring app reviews, use reviews for user research, handle bad reviews, and more.
    • Add Engaging Videos : We will create a video within you app’s page to increase downloads. The optimization will move from the title and visuals to more features. Every increase in downloads results in an increase in rankings.
    • Focus on the Competitors: Focus on the competitors and find the best category for our app. Several factors to consider when choosing a category include the number of competitors, the number of apps constantly updated, and popular category ranks. After adding the category, we will ensure your keywords rank better than the competitors.

    Why Choose Deftsoft for Your ASO Services?

    As a leading ASO company in India, Deftsoft’s team of certified marketers, content writers, designers and developers will help you achieve app success. We will devise a creative strategy to give a boost to app downloads and enhance app visibility. Thinking about what we can do for you? Read the following points to clear your doubts.

    use the lates technology
    Use the Latest Technology

    Your app is important and to get the desired results, we use the latest technology and refine our strategy from time to time.

    expert team
    Expert Team

    To make your app a success, you need great ASO services. Our skilled team will provide long-term results and benefits.

    tailor made solution
    Tailor-Made Solutions

    A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. We believe in creating tailored solutions based on your budget, timelines, app structure and target audience.

    Budget Friendly Solution
    Budget-Friendly Solutions

    No need to spend a massive amount on ASO services with no outcome. Instead, invest in our budget-friendly ASO packages with the promise of guaranteed results.

    grow user based world wide
    Grow User Base Worldwide

    We will make your app available worldwide with multiple language options.

    A comprehensive process
    A Comprehensive Process

    We follow a full-proof process starting with an ASO audit and review, and ending with the desired traffic to your app.

    What All Will You Get in Our ASO Package?

    With our ASO service, you will get consistent visibility, increased sales and improved coordination. We will strategically plan every stage of your app's store optimization, thereby enhancing the best features of your app. Have a look at our wide range of ASO services.


    App Store Audit and Reputation Management

    Our dedicated account managers will provide you with transparent ASO services. We will help you from the start, from optimizing your app's architecture to rating and review analysis. You will get a full review of your app with a lengthy, detailed report with effective suggestions.


    App Optimization For Pre-Launch

    Our team will put your ASO strategy in place before the launch of your app. An experienced team will spend time researching, searching and tweaking according to the app store optimization tips. We will focus on where to use the keywords, research app keywords and competitor keywords.


    Optimize App Store Description

    We have been providing ASO services to our esteemed clientele for more than 15 years. We know the best ways to write app descriptions using a tried-and-tested formula. The first three description lines must be attention-grabbing and the app must contain easy-to-read descriptions.


    App Store Keyword Targeting

    Our talented ASO experts will find the exact keywords your target audience is searching for in similar apps. By doing so, we will help users get the right promotional results. For relevant search traffic on the app store, we have to target the right keywords.


    App Reviews and Downloads

    The best way to increase app discovery and organic downloads is through ratings and reviews. If your app has a high rating, it will rank higher than other apps in the same category. Also, potential users browsing app stores will be influenced by high a rating, which leads to increased conversions.


    Visitor Monitoring and Tracking

    We measure three key metrics to deliver a successful app store optimization success, user engagement, user retention and business conversion. Through live app visitor tracking, get an insight into what people are doing on the app in real-time. We focus on new app content popularity and factors that generate most app downloads.


    Regular Stats Reporting

    We will regularly monitor your ASO campaign and develop a strategy to improve the results. Our process is completely transparent, where we provide regular reports informing you of the stats and weekly progress. Our ASO strategy focuses on traffic + conversions.


    App Store User Engagement

    We will keep you updated on the individual responses on your products, services or offerings. Our team will deploy effective user engagement tactics like push notifications, e-mail marketing and in-app messaging to keep the user coming back for more. With us, you get to monetize your product at a faster rate.


    ASO Localization Analysis

    We will monitor your apps localization efforts in each market. Translate your new keywords into accessible languages with just a single click. We will also help you to analyze your app’s global user distribution relative to a specific competitor or a category average.

    Frequently Asked Questions About App Store Optimization

    Through custom store listing, Google Play store shows an alternative data version of the app based on users Google Play store country or app install sate and not the device language. According to experts, custom store listings help in boosting downloads by 30 %. To make the most of custom store listing, we will focus on keyword research location-sensitive features and use custom store listings to test new ideas.

    To increase the app installs, we focus not only on keyword optimization but also graphic optimization and constantly monitor reviews and ratings. When optimizing keywords, we focus on keyword density, search volume, relevance and competition.

    To increase your app store ranking, we will optimize your app title and subtitle. We will focus on keywords and descriptions icon of the app, set up in-app purchases, use high-quality screenshots, monitor ratings and reviews, and use videos to demonstrate the app.

    Google Play Store and the Apple App Store use distinct algorithms. The metrics both use, like total downloads, revenue, download velocity, daily active users, monthly active users, reviews, and ratings vary. Hence, you need an ASO expert to manage the dynamic platform. Our ASO experts will track performance, use industry best practices, market trends and focus on competitors.

    The main aim of ASO is to increase the visibility of the app and games on the app store. KPI’s that we use for tracking performance include: category rankings, organic downloads, keyword rankings, search visibility score, impressions, page views, app installs and app listing visitors.