Increased Leads, Increased Online Visibility within Your Target Locations

Tired of search engines ranking you lower on the SERPs? Is it because your competitors are using more expensive advertising or just bad luck? It's not magic; but simply good quality SEO giving your competitors an upper hand.

With more than 50% of online searches based on a location and more than 90% of people clicking on organic listings, local SEO has become a must-have digital marketing technique. So, are you ready to ramp up your search engine optimization efforts and connect your brand with high-intent customers in your local area? If so, Deftsoft, a leading digital marketing agency, will help you with conversion-driven local SEO services to rank your business higher on SEO local search queries and increase your ROI (return on investment).

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What is Local SEO and How does it Work?

Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information? This means if your business is not locally optimized, you will lose valuable customers in your area. Enter local SEO that helps you to improve organic traffic from searches performed by local customers. In local SEO, we focus on "near me" and "geo-specific search queries". We aim to enhance brand awareness beyond the traditional storefront and make it more accessible to your local community through the use of various local digital marketing tactics like:

Garage Door ranking in 1st Position of GMB
  • Local SEO keyword targeting
  • GMB optimization
  • Local online citations
  • local SEO content marketing
  • Reviews On GMB
  • Local Partner Websites
  • Structure Data Optimization
  • Local ORM
  • Voice search
  • Geo Tagging
  • NAP Optimization
  • Number of “business check ins”
  • Meta Tag Based on Locations
  • "Near me" Optimization

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    Dominate Your Niche with Local SEO

    Without a robust local business SEO presence, you miss out on an incredible opportunity to gain valuable leads, traffic and sales. Local SEO is all about improving the local search visibility of small and medium-sized businesses, brick and mortar stores, and global firms within a particular geographical area. We analyze your competitors as well as improve your GMB pages to ensure higher conversions and brand visibility. Still thinking about whether to invest in local SEO? Read these points to clear all your doubts.

    • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
      Real-time results : People search for local companies because they need a fast solution. By enhancing local SEO, we are providing right-now solutions to people who need your help fast.
    • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
      Highly targeted results : Local traffic is highly targeted, which means businesses can promote their brand more effectively. We will help you reach your ideal target audience within the geographic region.
    • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
      Mobile connected : Local SEO services help in improving a company's mobile presence. We will help you reach an audience that is already looking for a certain product or service.
    • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
      Connect with GMB : Did you know only 44% of companies use GMB? If you are amongst them, you are losing qualified local buyers. With local SEO, take advantage of the local marketplace and keep your company on the front page for high-value searches.
    • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
      High ROI : Our local digital strategies are based on tangible, actionable data to ensure your company achieves a high ROI over time. We will build strategies like usage of near me keywords to achieve desired results.
    • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
      Beat the Local Competition : Stay ahead in the digital space to reach your target audience before your competitors do. Our team will develop strategies to improve your brand's reputation and safeguard your company's evolving trends.
    • Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services
      Peer recommendation : The best way to build trust and generate positive word of mouth is through local SEO. It helps develop trust, generate traffic and build ratings.
    • Local searches come with more conversions: List your local business online and interact with only those people who are interested in your business, and are likely to convert.

    Why Choose Deftsoft As Your Local Search Engine Partner?

    Wish to grow your local business? If so, Deftsoft will make your brand more visible to local users online. Our strategies are in line with the latest Google algorithms like Possum and Pigeon.

    • Detailed reporting : We go the extra mile to ensure our reports work well for every client within one or more locations. Reports include organic maps and mobile search rankings in aggregate of all your locations. We use an intuitive dashboard backed up by deep analytics.
    • Specialized focus : Our team has expertise in local searches but at the same time; offer a variety of services to help you achieve higher-level goals across different channels.
    • Up-to-date Information : Local search results and Google algorithms are changing. Our team knows how to adapt to these changes and respond well to the updates to help you rank higher.
    • Clear communication : We strive to help our clients increase conversions and revenue. We will communicate continuous improvements with you over time to keep you informed about progress at all times.
    • Experienced SEO personnel : Unlike other agencies with no more than ten experienced SEO personnel, we have a different team with highly qualified professionals who will efficiently manage your account.
    • Effective listing : We will manage your GMB account effectively, use local partner websites, to list your business online and target local audience.
    • Gain new customers : By optimizing your listings, working on ratings and reviews, we will increase the likelihood of gaining new customers and repeat purchases.
    • Higher conversions : By allowing customers to contact you directly, we will successfully convert a local search query into a successful purchase.

    What is Included in Deftsoft’s Local SEO services?

    With our local SEO services, your company’s visibility in geographically-related searches will increase, especially within Googles' Local Pack (map listings). There are more than 8,212 local SEO agencies out there; thinking what differentiates us from the rest? It's our wide range of services at affordable packages that will give a boost to your local business.


    Local SEO Audit

    Our team offers local SEO audits to determine present local search rankings in comparison to the rest. We cover areas like local citations, NAP (Name, Address and Phone number), GMB, search rankings, reviews, ratings, links, authority and local listings. We also conduct GMB page audits, competitor benchmarking and organic link analysis.


    Keyword Research and Strategy

    We will determine which keywords your target audience is searching for, how many people are searching for those keywords & how to present information on search results. After identifying geo-specific, industry-related keywords, we will develop strategies to position your webpage to best align with audience queries.


    Google My Business (GMB) SEO

    With our GMB services, your search engine ranking, sales and traffic volume will increase. We will also evaluate your business information across the web to give you an enhanced, error-free local presence. Want to establish your brand as a business authority? Give us a call !


    On-Page Optimization

    To rank higher in a specific geographical area, optimize your website for the target location. We publish locally targeted website content & provide an enhanced user experience. Our team optimizes metadata with geographic-specific keywords, create service & industry pages, apply local business schema to reflect business offerings.


    Business Citation Management

    Our team will audit citations across all online directories, edit local citations with the right NAP citations, create new citations, discover more local citation opportunities, manage and monitor local listings. We will search niche directories and submit your business information to boost your online reputation and brand name.


    Nextdoor Local Business Advertising

    As consumers have incorporated a ‘go local attitude’, it's time to promote businesses on popular social networking apps for neighborhoods and communities. Our team will improve your Nextdoor reputation and community by optimizing your profile, engage with the local community and track campaign metrics.


    Adding a Geolocation

    To grow your local business, you need local results from web searches. This is exactly what geotagging does. In geo-tagging, we add precise global positioning data, like specific latitude and longitude, to a website or an image found online. This will increase site ranking and image searches.


    Optimize for Voice Search

    55% of users do voice search to ask questions on smartphones. So, if your business doesn’t support a voice search feature, it will lose the game. It’s high time to include voice search optimization in your SEO strategy. We focus on long-tail & question keywords, restructure your content, and use conversational content.


    Reviews Optimization

    Optimizing reviews from customers will not only improve your GMB presence but also motivate local buyers to purchase from your website. In review optimization, we focus on, respond to existing reviews in a professional way, ask for a review after the close of the sale, and send a post-purchase email asking customers to write a review.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Local SEO

    Instead of focusing completely on the website in local SEO, we focus more on Google My Business Profile. The reason being Google displays local business pages when someone types locally-focused search phrases. In Local SEO, we optimize both Google My Business profile page and website, instead of just website as in SEO.

    To rank your local business on Google and other major search engines, you need to invest in local SEO. We will optimize your online presence to attract more businesses from relevant local searches in local SEO. The key factors we focus on include location-based keyword research, Google My Business, Local citations, on-page SEO, link buildings and reviews, and other ongoing activities.

    Local searches make up more than 20 % of the internet searches worldwide. And Google alone has 2.8 billion searches each month. Before availing of any service or purchasing any product, people look for the website online; hence it’s necessary to improve the online visibility of local businesses through local SEO.

    The local SEO campaign results depend on the type of business and the number of listings being utilized. Some clients witness desired results within the first week, while others may have to wait two months to see optimal results.

    Local SEO is primarily for local businesses who want leads from the locality in which they are operating. An E-commerce website with no physical location for customers to visit can’t use local SEO. A basic rule of thumb is local SEO is for those businesses that interact in-person with customers, clients, or patients.