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Around 77 % of people use search engines before seeking medical services. Also, 7% of daily Google searches are health-related, with 70,000 health care searches performed every minute. The data clearly shows that you will lose valuable patients if your healthcare website is not visible online. If every effort you have made to increase digital presence has backfired, it's time to consult Deftsoft, one of the leading digital marketing company for the state of the art medical SEO services.

Are patients choosing competitors medical services over yours because their website ranks higher on Google? You have tried advanced tactics and conducted A/B testing to increase your ranking? But, all these efforts have not provided any satisfactory results. Fret not! Deftsoft will help your medical practice keyword rank #1 for your primary treatments and procedures.

Explore the Benefits of Healthcare SEO with us

You have developed a healthcare website and are now looking to get more attention from patients online. You are thinking of advertising on local news media, launching a PPC campaign, and relying on word-of-mouth referrals? But, all these approaches will not be enough to boost brand awareness and provide you an edge over competitors. SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategy that will boost online visibility and drive more traffic to your website. Other key benefits of SEO campaign for your healthcare business include:

  •  Enhance website traffic
  •  Achieve high keyword rankings
  •  Gain patients through organic methods
  •  Create awareness for your healthcare service
  •  Make information available to everyone
  •  Boost in monthly appointments
  •  Easy tracking and optimization
  •  Generate new reviews and deal with negative ones

Number of Healthcare Consumers that use
online search before scheduling their appointment

71 %
71 %
69 %
67 %
84 %
61 %
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A Go-to- Guide to Medical SEO and Healthcare SEO Trends that Matter in 2022

As an orthopedic surgeon, whenever someone types spiral injury on Google, you want your website to appear on SERP. Similarly, whenever users type "dentist near me," you want your name to show up if on Google local 3 pack, if you are a dentist. How is this possible? The answer lies in SEO. Medical practitioners can optimize their websites for top search engines like Google and Bing using advanced SEO strategies.

A successful hospital, practice or healthcare facility can't work without a creative user friendly website. SEO friendly website is creative hub of your medical practice and communicates patient's information on a click to generate more leads. But, that's not all, if you want patients to find your website, your website must rank on the first page of the organic search results. This is where we will help you with proven SEO strategies.

SEO is not only about keyword optimization, but more than that. Keyword stuffing is the thing of the past; Google now cares more about natural, readable, and informative content. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg; other things involved in SEO campaign for healthcare organizations include:

Setting up GMB Profile

Setting up GMB Profile

Effectively Targeting Natural Keywords

Effectively Targeting Natural Keywords

Use Optimized URL for Individual Pages

Use Optimized URL for Individual Pages

Earn Backlinks from Other Sites

Earn Backlinks from Other Sites

Create  Quality Content

Create Quality Content

Reduce Patient Accusation Cost

Reduce Patient Accusation Cost

Optimize on-page  Factors like Meta Tags and Image Tags

Optimize on-page Factors like Meta Tags and Image Tags

Optimize off-page factors

Optimize off-page factors

Data That Showcases our Hold in Medical SEO

Don't miss out on growth opportunities

Deftsoft offers state-of-the-art SEO growth opportunities to medical firms to help them achieve their business objectives. We use an innovative blend of digital and marketing growth campaigns to develop the way patients find and connect with medical service providers.

Our cost-effective SEO solutions will give a needed boost to your healthcare business. Through our local SEO campaign, you will enjoy more returns than any other form of advertising. Apart from SEO, we also offer PPC for medical websites to achieve results fast.

We performed Facebook ads for Urgent Care East Greenbush, which led to 3,267 total reach, 9 total conversions/leads, and $17.34 cost per conversion in the first month. To enjoy the same or better results, give our SEO team a call!

How to Increase Ranking of Healthcare Website with Medical SEO

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Different industries need different approaches to SEO. As an example, a cosmetic brand or fitness brand requires a typical SEO strategy that focuses on images and keywords. However, Medical SEO is a completely different field. If you are new to medical SEO and don't know how to manage your healthcare SEO journey, we will make it easy for you. The ranking of your medical SEO website will depend on several factors. In general, the critical ranking factors that Google considers and we focus in our SEO strategy for health care websites include:

  • We will ensure your website is fast, secure, and mobile-friendly
  • Create quality content for multiple website pages
  • We will optimize images and videos on your website
  • Ensure the GMB page is 100 % correct with all the needed information
  • Create a medical schema and optimize title tags and meta description

Well Strategized Medical SEO Services

Deftsoft has expertise in building trust and traffic through SEO and content management. Our experienced SEO team will help you turn your healthcare website into a wealth of information through remarkable and extensive SEO services. We keep a tab on the latest updates and exhibit the best efforts to generate the best results through our SEO campaign. Have a look at the wide range of medical SEO services we provide to our clients.

  •  Keyword Research and Strategy : We conduct comprehensive keyword research and competition analysis to improve search performance.
  •  Link Building : Our team will perform audience research, craft quality content, and connect with industry leaders.
  •  Content Writing : We will create authentic and relevant content to build positive relationships with customers.
  •  On-Page SEO : We will manage everything from images and content to website speed
  •  Google Analytics Review : Our team will use Google Analytics to track the site's online reach and engagement levels.
  •  Local SEO : We will create localized content and manage local listings.
  •  Franchise SEO : In franchise SEO, we will create your unique brand identity, clean directory listings, and boost customer reviews.
  •  Conversion Rate Optimization : We will leverage CRO to turn website visitors into patients.

Who We Serve Through our Advanced Healthcare SEO Strategies?

Deftsoft being the leading SEO healthcare agency, will help you succeed in the specific niche market. We provide healthcare SEO services to improve your medical business ROI. Our team follows an integrated approach focusing on not only medical SEO but also social media marketing and PPC. We will make sure your prospects find your website wherever they are with the help of our cost-effective healthcare SEO services. Partner with us to give a boost to your online rankings.

Urgent Care

Steps Involved in Our Medical SEO Process

It's no rocket science to understand that medical SEO is the key to boosting ranking on the SERPs. Our team of SEO experts at Deftsoft, the leading SEO agency, will start your SEO journey with digital competitive analysis. We will compare your web presence with that of the top competitors and find out the opportunities you are missing and determine your digital marketing priorities. Here is a list of detailed steps we perform in Medical SEO to provide optimal results.

Conduct a Medical SEO Audit

The first step in our medical SEO strategy will be to conduct an SEO audit of our client's website. This will enable us to figure out the goals and objectives, what the website is currently doing, and what more we can do to improve ranking. In this step, our focus will be on:

  • Overall website health
  • Security report
  • Landing page structure
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Broken internal linking

Medical On-Page SEO

Here we will focus on improving user experience and the website design. We need to create the right SEO structure to ensure all other SEO activities align and help in reaching the ultimate website goal. Our expert team will conduct an in-depth analysis of on-page and off-page factors to increase the website's ranking. From meta tags to alt tags and schema markup, we will focus on all variables that affect your website ranking.

  • Website page structure
  • Page speed optimization
  • Use of medical keywords
  • Competitor research
  • Content analysis
  • Bounce rate analysis
  • Title, tags, Heading tags, meta descriptions
  • Google analytics and check keyword ranking
  • Schema markup

Earn Quality Backlinks and Content Marketing

Backlinks act as a vote of confidence and help increase the website's visibility as crawlers love to visit popular pages. After optimizing on-page factors, we will use backlinks to drive referral traffic to your website. To make the most of the backlinks, our backlinking strategy focuses on:

  • Add your website to the healthcare-related listings and ratings
  • Publish content on medical platforms
  • Submit informative and well-written articles to online magazines, newsletters, and blogs of local healthcare authorities.

Conduct Local SEO for Healthcare Website

Did you know almost half of Google searches are local? Whenever a user types "cosmetic health services near me," the top results on SERP and Local 3 Pack map will be based on proximity, relevancy, and reviews. And, if you have not listed your healthcare website on the GMB listing, it's high time you do so. Through local SEO, landing pages and outdated websites will get traffic from potential clients. Our local SEO strategy includes:

  • Optimizing GMB
  • Remove duplicates
  • Directory listings
  • Keep the NAP information up to date
  • Optimize local content
  • Optimize site for mobile
  • Use location in strategic parts of the website

Generate Reviews for Local Medical Websites

Reviews play an essential role in ranking your website for local search results. For example, if the user types liver "specialist near me," Google my business pages with reviews containing specific keywords will show up. It's essential to get excellent reviews from happy clients, specifically reviews that mention the treatment options you want our website to rank for.

Don't let the valuable source of medical search engines slip through your cracks because you don't have the right system in place. This is where Deftsoft , your trustworthy search engine optimization firm steps in! We encourage positive reviews from patients and provide prompt resolutions for negative reviews. Through ORM, we will give a needed boost to your healthcare website.

  • Review requests via text or email
  • Branded email templates
  • Review monitoring and response management
  • Negative review dispute resolution

Why Choose Deftsoft as your Healthcare
SEO Agency

Deftsoft is committed to helping businesses succeed in their specific niche markets with state-of-the-art SEO services. Since the industry standards and search engine algorithms constantly change, our experts keep track of the smallest updates that matter for your health care website. We provide integrated healthcare social media marketing and SEO services to boost recognition across online channels.

Here are some reasons why you should hire us for Medical SEO services

  • We have a team of Healthcare SEO experts that will take your SEO campaign to the next level.
  • We have established a reputation as a customer-centric digital marketing expert.
  • We will build a strong SEO foundation with a fast, secure, mobile-friendly website.
  • We will optimize the website for visibility and conversions.
  • We provide cost-effective SEO solutions tailored to your budget and needs.
  • We have been in a digital marketing agency for a long time and have established an image as a customer-centric digital marketing agency.
  • Our team will create conversion-centric SEO strategies by utilizing competitive insights and data-driven analyses.
  • We use comprehensive SEO strategies, and we have got case studies to prove our worth.
  • At Deftsoft, you will enjoy customized and transparent reporting.

I highly recommend hiring Ruban and his team for SEO work. My experience was excellent. Ruban communicated throughout the process, always updating me what had been done and next steps. I feel very confident in their abilities. AND, I know that they provide so many services beyond SEO that all work together to gain traffic/awareness/sales. Ruban was great. I look forward to out next project together.

Wendi Gilbert

Working with Renu and team was a positive experience from start to finish. Always responsive, they implemented expert interventions for our Google Ads campaigns, and we are now seeing improved results. So I will definitely be engaging them again when the need arises, and happy to recommend their services.

Devin Iyer

I was very happy with the work completed by the experienced team at Deftsoft. We were able to recover a lot of organic hits on Google thanks to the good work the team did for me, and I would love to partner with them in the future as well.

Greg Hernon

Great company to work with! I needed help from the SEO team to improve the rankings of my website. The best thing about them was that they completed work right on time. I would appreciate them for their hard work and dedication

RoseAnne Ruccello

Deftsoft has done a remarkable job in improving organic traffic for my website. The quality of work which they have performed over the past 1 year has helped my business in terms of increased website visibility and conversions. A great team to work with!

Dylan D

It was a great experience working with the PPC and SEO team at Deftsoft. The team is highly professional and provides results on time. Their flexible working schedule and round the clock help is what sets them apart

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I have worked with Deftsoft for running SEO and social media campaigns. I have communicated my needs, and the team successfully completed the tasks right on time. They communicated every progress on the project through weekly and monthly campaigns. Would recommend the team for their transparent and well-organized work!

Monika Gostic

I had a great time working with Deftsoft. Always on time, delivered what I asked for within the stipulated budget. We worked together to resolve issues on the website and also improved the SEO rankings. Would like to hire them again!

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Great People, hard workers, fair price. Deftsoft has done a fantastic job working on our paid digital marketing and SEO campaigns. We've been using Deftsoft for nearly 2 years now with over 30,000 hours worked here on Upwork. We would not have kept them around for that many hours if they were not driving results. They are hard workers, fantastic at communicating, great at creating marketing plans and even better at executing them. Our site ranges between 250,000 - 1,000,000 monthly users. Deftsoft created a number of Google and Facebook audiences and campaigns to improve traffic and sales. Among other things, they reached out to bloggers for guest post that in turn increased our SEO rankings yielding higher visible results on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. They built up our Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Youtube, and Adroll campaigns dramatically. We're very happy to be working with them still. I expect to see them continue to grow as a company. I highly recommend the team at Deftsoft for anyone wanting to increase their visibility or sales online.

David Foster

A good and very well organised job. In my case, I was completely new to this and did not understand all of the options that were proposed to me (my mistake), but the result is still very positive. With 2 years of experience and my actual knowledge of SEO, I would set the relationship a different way but when I started I just "gave the keys" and it ran very well. I think he has enough knowledge to adapt to beginners (like me at that moment) and people that already know what they want. I definitely recommend this freelancer!

Benoit Querne

FAQ on Medical SEO

Every practice is unique and works on different marketing goals. The result varies depending on the size of the market, specialization, keyword selections, and several other factors. However, as a general rule of thumb, it takes 3-6 months to see improvement from SEO.

Using SEO, medical practitioners can attract more patients, improve the visibility of their practices, establish credibility, and segment patients. We will rank you higher on Google and make your website user-friendly.

It's essential for medical websites to post fresh content through web blogs. Posting blogs on the website offers two advantages: first, you are updating the website regularly in the eyes of Google. Second, in every blog, you add additional keywords that help you rank higher for current and new keywords.

In medical SEO, we take extra care while performing any activity to ensure we are not violating any industry-specific standard. We comply with HIPAA regulations and use industry-specific language in the content.