Don’t Let Negative Reviews Harm Your Business

Are you dealing with a negative post? Is it hurting your brand image and making your loyal followers turn down your product? Fret not! What you need is a proactive strategy to build a brand online. This is where online reputation management services will help you out! Whether you are a global business house, professional coach or celebrity, put your faith in our digital know-how to create an impactful online reputation.

Deftsoft will design ORM strategies to help you take complete control of the online communication revolving around your brand. We will estimate, observe, follow and make useful discussions about your brand, professional and personal identity on the internet. We will remove all the negativity around your name, product and brand, giving you a clean slate to work on. Our team will protect your brand from negative publicity and help you understand the needs of a discerning customer:

Add Sincerity to Your Brand Communications

Protect Your Brand | Deftsoft SEO

Protect Your Brand

Repair Negative Reviews | Deftsoft SEO

Repair Negative Reviews

Detailed Reporting From  Deftsoft SEO

Online Review Monitoring

How will ORM Benefit Your Business?

At present, 80% of business comes from online sources. So, if you don't have a strong online presence you will lose valuable customers. ORM has become a vital tactic for business exposure as well as expansion of business reach. Through our ORM strategies, we will ensure your brand image stays intact and maintain the faith of your customer base. Our team works 24*7 to undo unfavourable situations with tactful processes creatively. If you are not in favour of setting aside a budget for ORM, these points will clear all your doubts.

Get Rid of Negative Publicity

Create positive links and use authoritative content marketing to decrease negative reviews from top SERPs.


Keep Rumors at Bay

We use the latest tools to track down the rumour, their sources and eradicate them to safeguard the brand's image.


Increase Audience Engagement

Focus on building a positive connection between the brand and customers, ,and promptly dealing with complaints.


Build Credibility

Build trust between your brand and customer by conveying all the information about your product and brand.


Boost Search Engine Ranking

Positive reviews and viral news about any business will give you immediate recognition from your audience.

Online Visibilty

Higher Online Visibility

Through our ORM service, your website visibility in search engines will get a boost.

Online Visibilty

Profitable Promotional Strategy

Grab more attention for your business. People will trust you more than your competitors when your business name appears on top of the list.



ORM is a cost-effective business technique that prevents businesses from harmful negative reviews and inclines potential customers towards the positive aspect of the business.

Online Visibilty

Attracts workforce

An established professional staff is the foundation of your business, and through ORM, you will attract qualified employees.

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    What is ORM and How Does it Work?

    When you search for yourself or your brand on Google, what do you see? Are you being represented correctly? How do you ensure your online reputation is managed properly? This is where Deftsoft’s ORM strategy will help you! ORM is the process of estimating, observing, following and making useful discussions about your brand, professional and personal identity online. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 customers read online reviews before making a purchase, and 62% will not buy from a company with negative reviews online. Whether a small business or a global brand, ORM will establish you as a thought leader and give you better recognition. Online reputation management involves:


    Review Generation

    Know what your customers are saying about your business, take and showcase positive reviews.


    Reputation Monitoring

    We use the latest reputation monitoring software to manage and monitor your current online reputation.


    Review Marketing

    We will create your presence on popular customer review websites, process customer review requests quickly, establish transparency and properly showcase your reviews.


    Online Reputation Repair

    We will mitigate damage from negative reviews and provide an effective solution to tackle negative reviews.


    Survey Campaign Management

    Create a survey campaign to gather information about how customers are responding to your products and services. A snapshot of your brand image.


    SEO Reputation Management

    Our team will promote positive and desirable content to position your brand as a market leader.

    Hold Our Hand and Enjoy a Wide Range of Benefits

    One dissatisfied customer can cause a big blow to your bottom line. If negative online reviews plague your brand online, get ready for frequent cancellation of orders, bookings and subscriptions, and ultimately a reduction in ROI. If you don't want negative reviews to ripple your marketing efforts, hold our hand as we boost your online visibility through effective ORM strategies.

    Manage your Online Reputation with Deftsoft SEO
    • Tailored Reputation Marketing Services: There is no one-size fit all approach in ORM. We will perform in-depth market research and campaign analysis to create custom online reputation services to meet your needs, demands and industry standards.
    • Adapt to Latest Trends: We adapt to the latest ORM trends, like video, use of sophisticated ORM tools, optimizing communication strategy, use of influencers, chatbot's, email and more.
    • Customized ORM Solution: We offer custom ORM services to fulfil your uniqueness and requirements. Our team focuses on increasing your overall positive web presence.
    • Remove Negativity from Top Rankings: By doing so, we will create space for positive listings surrounding keywords in your online business space.
    • Convey Your Best Story: We will help convey your intended message about your products, services, business, brand or profile in the best possible manner.
    • Robust Strategy Development: We will do an excessive analysis of your business and implement ORM strategies accordingly to protect your online reputation.
    • Manage Brand Search: Our experienced team will manage your brand search by improving keyword strategy and content existence.

    A Deep Insight into Our Wide Range of ORM Services

    Looking for flexible, tailor-made online reputation management solutions to take your brand to the zenith? If so, count on Deftsoft and get ready to make a mark in the digital space. Our well-trained reputation management specialists use the latest ORM tools to build, repair, manage and promote your brand globally. Have a look at the wide range of ORM services we offer to clients.


    Creating Fresh Content

    We will analyze your existing content and create new content using the right set of keywords. We pinpoint areas that need more work and suggest changes to ensure a smoother user experience. Our team will assess competitor sites, find out what they are doing right and work to improve your page ranking.


    Combat Negative Online Reviews

    The way we manage online reviews will make or break your organization. Reviews are essential as customers rely on them before buying your product, testing service or trying an establishment. We will work on your negative reviews, find the reason behind them and offer prompt solutions to boost your brand and business.


    New Reviews and Comments

    We aim to push back negative reviews and boost your online visibility by writing new reviews and comments. Our team will implement an automated process to drive positive reviews for your business month over month. You can trust our systems for being honest and truthful as we don’t use paid reviews.


    Manage Poor Reviews

    Need help with your online reputation monitoring? Want to manage poor reviews and create a positive image online? Count on Deftsoft to speed up our review monitoring process. We will monitor reviews on major review generating websites to bring all poor reviews to one place. By doing so, you will know where your ORM efforts stand.


    Customer Trust Building

    If people like you, they will listen to you but they will do business with you if they trust you. A high quality product or a great business is half the story. To enjoy success, you have to earn the trust of your customers. We will devise strategies to make your business appear authentic to customers.


    Review Response

    Prompt response to negative reviews will help you earn additional revenue. We will help you turn negative online feedback into marketing opportunities. We will analyze your customer's sentiments and craft a well-thought-out, effective review response. Our team will adapt to your unique brand voice to ensure the best intentions come across effectively.


    Ongoing Sentiment Monitoring

    We will continuously monitor your current digital presence, find out how customers are responding to your service and how we can further remove negative reviews. Our team will use new tools and software to keep a check on the reviews generated by customers, create new reviews and manage older reviews.


    Brand Development

    We will help you strengthen your professional services brand and create the right strategy aligned with your business objectives. Next, we will develop all the tools needed to communicate the brand, like your logo, tagline and website. The last stage is to strengthen your newly developed or updated brand.


    Branding and Image Building

    Make a long-lasting impression with our branding and image-building services. We aim to impress your customers to create a long-lasting and positive perception of the company and its products. Image is everything in today's world, and redefining it by catching the pulse of customers is necessary. Here we focus on content, SEM. SEO, email marekitng and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions About ORM

    Any firm that is present on the Internet requires ORM services regardless of the industry they belong to. The businesses most dependant on ORM includes e-commerce service firms like hotels, salons, banks, and pharmaceuticals. ORM helps new brands to enter the market and helps in new product announcements.

    To know about how your business is perceived online, analyze search results for brand and reputation queries. Now create a list including the number of posts and links by sentiments. By doing so, you will get a higher percentage of negative reviews versus positive reviews and know about the company’s online rating. Also, monitor all channels, including social media, for more information.

    When you enter a new market, no one knows about you. It’s your responsibility to provide maximum information to customers, develop a social media presence, and register in popular directories. Constantly monitor your rankings, keep in touch with your audience and motivate customers to give feedback. Respond to all comments within 24 hours and monitor brand mentions.

    If you have received a negative review from customers, don’t worry. Process customer complaints as fast as possible. It’s not the negative reviews but the ignorance from the company over the customer feedback that causes the damage. Always personalize your response to show your care and concern.

    Yes, sometimes you can delete negative reviews, where you can delete the comment or not, depending on the website where it’s posted. For instance, on Glassdoor, you can contact the administration and ask them to remove the comment only if it’s violating the rules. If the information is fake or discloses personal information or company secrets, the content can be deleted.