AI and Digital Marketing: The Perfect
Partnership or a Clash of Titans?

March 23, 2023 / Digital Marketing

AI has become the talk of the town now. With every new day, AI has increased its footprint in various businesses and industries. Digital marketing is not at all untouched by AI’s presence, and the inclusion of AI in digital marketing has led to rising tension amongst digital marketers.

Will AI help streamline the processes and operation of digital marketing, or will it change its face. Will AI be responsible for digital marketing’s boon or bane? This article focuses on finding out the correct answer. Looks like you are curious! Let’s give it a read till the last sentence.

How Companies are Leveraging the Potential of AI in Digital Marketing?

The primary reason why companies are implementing AI in their business activities is to enhance and improve customer satisfaction. There are four noteworthy developments in using AI to enhance the customer experience.

Let’s check them out!


A software that conducts discussions or chats and uses AI to decide how to respond is termed as a ChatBot. You might have employed a robot when looking for an information on a website. Chatbots can have textual or auditory discussions.

Chatbots are one of the practical marketing tools that help to gather customer data, especially in social media. It further helps to target your messaging.

Recently, the National Australia Bank has launched a chatbot that works as a digital virtual banker for business customers, which allows them to save customers’ time and their administrative tasks.

  • The chatbot answers the customer queries every day and night.
  • Using data from real customer inquiries, the chatbot can respond to more than 13,000 various iterations of more than 200 queries.

Targeted & Predictive Content

Businesses can assemble surplus data on prospective customers and consumers using AI. This data is used to forecast future behavior and develop more targeted advertising. Email, changing content on a website, or the aforementioned chatbot are all possible delivery methods for that information. This is so that the right email message can be sent at the right moment using dynamic content that is determined using previous customer behavior.

Using data on which web sites a customer viewed, which blog posts they read, which emails they engaged with, and more, AI can intelligently select the content most likely to relate with a specific customer and automatically populate an email with that content.

Creating Effective Content

Since the advent of content marketing, marketers have recognized content creation as one of their biggest difficulties. It takes a lot of effort to produce high-quality material, which is necessary for efficient marketing. By creating some of that material for you, AI can assist. The articles, which can be several hundred words long, look to be written by humans.

That latest AI creation – ChatGPT, has taken the internet by storm. It is an extremely useful tool for innovation; it has even written and directed a short movie titled “The Safe Zone.”

Image Recognition Technology

The customer experience is improved by the image recognition software. In a picture you uploaded to Facebook, a friend was likely instantly tagged thanks to image recognition, which has been around for a while. Using image recognition software can improve the customization of customer encounters.

Macy’s, a renowned retailer, has launched Macy’s Image Search, an app that allows customers to upload an item’s photo to find a similar product in Macy’s inventory.

Can AI Replace Digital Marketers?

If you are a digital marketer who is worrying that AI will replace you soon. If you believe so, you should not because the answer to your concern is a straight no.


Even though AI is helpful, those working in the digital marketing sector know that it still requires originality, inventiveness, and creativity to find new ways to connect with consumers. So there are minimal chances of AI thrashing digital marketing jobs.

AI is Going to make Digital Marketers More Valuable

Regardless of the execution, marketing teams consistently benefit from AI along a few key areas. To provide a whole image of a brand, AI can analyze huge amount of heterogeneous data and automate frequent and tedious chores.

These AI uses have important marketing and customer-related ramifications. It ensures innovative methods for marketers to interact with consumers while accelerating your capacity to get back on and accommodate to the quick changes in digital culture. It’s similar to employing a helper, which helps you to focus on tasks you’re particularly interested in and well-suited for. These marketing strategies driven by AI gives customers more relevant and customized interactions with brands on a scale that even the finest army of human brand experts could never accomplish.