Case Study

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Project Description

Steel in The Air is a company of tower contractors which offers Tower services in the U.S.A, including purchase, installation, rent, management, & valuation, etc. The firm has been serving owners and local governments in lease negotiations against wireless carriers and cell tower companies for nearly 15 years.

The client previously worked with a number of companies for a PPC campaign but was not satisfied with the result. The main objective was to increase the number of submissions and phone calls. That's what we at Deftsoft did for the client.

Client Objectives
and Requirements

Before working with Deftsoft, the client employed another agency to manage their SEO and PPC requirements. The client came to Deftsoft intending to increase search engine visibility and online sales to improve profitability. Our PPC team developed an integrated approach to maximize returns across both PPC and SEM channels.


Challenges Faced by Client

  • The client lacked non-branded market share exposure and needed to grow their perspective division.
  • Steel in the Air had difficulty getting a good return on their online marketing investment.
  • Steel in the Air had already started a Google Ads campaign when they contacted Deftsoft, but they were dissatisfied with the results.
  • The goal was to increase the number of submissions and phone calls. The client called us to help them establish a marketing strategy to increase internet revenue.
  • Keywords were targeting the wrong ads, and there was a lack of non-branded targeting.
  • The client was using an outdated ad creative format.
  • Poor ad rank was another challenge faced by the client.

Our Bespoke Solution that Did Wonders for the Client

  • After the account overhaul and fixing all the non-compliance issues, there was an increase in the volume of conversions.
  • After pairing ads with relevant keywords, the keyword quality score and click metrics improved.
  • We devised a plan that would help the client to boost sales, as well as target people who are searching for Steel in the Air's services.
  • We proposed creating a Google Ads campaign where we used both call and text ads and also created display ads for brand awareness.
  • We designed a strategy to help the client increase their client base while also targeting people who are looking for Steel in the Air's services.
  • The brand campaign was created to prevent competitors from bidding on brand terms and potentially stealing visitors.
  • We regularly optimized the campaign and added negative keywords daily.

Technology Used

Search Campaigns

We created a search campaign with relevant keywords and optimized ad copies to get maximum results.

Brand Name

Set up branded search campaigns where when someone searches for the branded terms, the paid advertisements show up.

Display Campaign

In the display campaign, we created visually engaging ads on the Google Display Network. The Display Network helps you reach people as they browse millions of websites, apps, and Google-owned properties.

Performance Max Campaign

Created Performance Max campaign to access the entire Google Ads inventory from a single campaign.

Our Work Displayed Through Numbers

Have a look at the results we achieved for the client

All time Performance

  • Impressions - 65,101,136
  • Clicks - 425,176
  • CTR - 0.65%
  • CPC - $0.78
  • Conversions - 11,263.00

I highly recommend hiring Ruban and his team for SEO work. My experience was excellent. Ruban communicated throughout the process, always updating me what had been done and next steps. I feel very confident in their abilities. AND, I know that they provide so many services beyond SEO that all work together to gain traffic/awareness/sales. Ruban was great. I look forward to out next project together.

Wendi Gilbert

Working with Renu and team was a positive experience from start to finish. Always responsive, they implemented expert interventions for our Google Ads campaigns, and we are now seeing improved results. So I will definitely be engaging them again when the need arises, and happy to recommend their services.

Devin Iyer

I was very happy with the work completed by the experienced team at Deftsoft. We were able to recover a lot of organic hits on Google thanks to the good work the team did for me, and I would love to partner with them in the future as well.

Greg Hernon

Great company to work with! I needed help from the SEO team to improve the rankings of my website. The best thing about them was that they completed work right on time. I would appreciate them for their hard work and dedication

RoseAnne Ruccello

Deftsoft has done a remarkable job in improving organic traffic for my website. The quality of work which they have performed over the past 1 year has helped my business in terms of increased website visibility and conversions. A great team to work with!

Dylan D

It was a great experience working with the PPC and SEO team at Deftsoft. The team is highly professional and provides results on time. Their flexible working schedule and round the clock help is what sets them apart

Charles Rey

I have worked with Deftsoft for running SEO and social media campaigns. I have communicated my needs, and the team successfully completed the tasks right on time. They communicated every progress on the project through weekly and monthly campaigns. Would recommend the team for their transparent and well-organized work!

Monika Gostic

I had a great time working with Deftsoft. Always on time, delivered what I asked for within the stipulated budget. We worked together to resolve issues on the website and also improved the SEO rankings. Would like to hire them again!

Derren Ohanian

The best thing I liked about Deftsoft was their communication and great service. Every time I needed their help, they were around the clock, ready to help us and respond to our queries. Would love to work with them in the future as well.

Matt Moe

Great People, hard workers, fair price. Deftsoft has done a fantastic job working on our paid digital marketing and SEO campaigns. We've been using Deftsoft for nearly 2 years now with over 30,000 hours worked here on Upwork. We would not have kept them around for that many hours if they were not driving results. They are hard workers, fantastic at communicating, great at creating marketing plans and even better at executing them. Our site ranges between 250,000 - 1,000,000 monthly users. Deftsoft created a number of Google and Facebook audiences and campaigns to improve traffic and sales. Among other things, they reached out to bloggers for guest post that in turn increased our SEO rankings yielding higher visible results on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. They built up our Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Youtube, and Adroll campaigns dramatically. We're very happy to be working with them still. I expect to see them continue to grow as a company. I highly recommend the team at Deftsoft for anyone wanting to increase their visibility or sales online.

David Foster

A good and very well organised job. In my case, I was completely new to this and did not understand all of the options that were proposed to me (my mistake), but the result is still very positive. With 2 years of experience and my actual knowledge of SEO, I would set the relationship a different way but when I started I just "gave the keys" and it ran very well. I think he has enough knowledge to adapt to beginners (like me at that moment) and people that already know what they want. I definitely recommend this freelancer!

Benoit Querne