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Email is the currency of the web that can take your business to another level. If you are online, there is a high chance you have an active email address. Going by the statistics, email marketing generates a $40 ROI for every $1 spent. So, it's high time brands started using email marketing in their digital marketing campaigns. Deftsoft offers bespoke email marketing services, sending the right email to the right person. Jump in and experience how easy it is to create and send a beautiful, personalized email with marketing tools like automation, advanced segmentation, A/B testing, advanced metrics and reporting.

Want to generate and convert leads? There is no other digital marketing technique as powerful as email marketing. The widespread use and increasing relevance of email makes it more important than ever. Our team can build, implement and manage an extensive array of email marketing campaigns on a large scale:

Approachable Email Marketing Automation

Online Email Campaign Project Management

Landing Page Implementation

Email Subscriber List Management

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Here is a Snapshot of Our Email Marketing Process

Thinking about how to get started with email marketing? Want to put the pieces back in the email marketing puzzle? Deftsoft will help you out. Here is a detailed guide to our comprehensive process.

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    Define Your Goals : We will first determine your campaign goals, step back and determine what you want to accomplish. For instance, your goals may be earning money on ad impressions, selling products or attracting attention to a cause.
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    Use the Right Platform : To build self-sustaining email marketing campaigns, choose the right email marketing platform. Some platforms that we work on include MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and Campaign Monitor.
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    Build And Segment Your List : Don’t be tempted to buy an email platform and send cold emails in bulk.The key is to build an email list from scratch; this is where Deftsoft will help you. We will consolidate your contacts, build and grow a list from scratch, and segment your email list.
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    Create and Build an Email: We will create a bespoke email marketing campaign, keeping your campaign goals in mind. At this point, we will choose recipients or a segmentation option and may also choose your template. Next we will automate your email.
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    Tracking is Essential: We are almost done. Tracking will be the cherry on the top of the email marketing campaign. We will configure your email to send responsively at a set pace. Through tracking, we will improve engagement and increase email conversions.

Why Choose Deftsoft for Email Marketing Services?

At Deftsoft, you will find the right person for the right job. Whether it's experienced email designers or seasoned email integrators, our email marketing agency will help you at each step to enjoy high ROI. We use the latest tools and email marketing software to provide maximum value and increase your campaign's profitability. Need email marketing for e-commerce, Shopify or other niches? Our email marketing specialists will help you. Still, confused? Here are some benefits of becoming a part of the Deftsoft family.

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services


Deftsoft provides a comprehensive list of email marketing services. Whether you need a campaign and template review service or advanced email marketing services, we will help you.

Deftsoft SEO | Digital Marketing Services

A/B Campaign

We will test every aspect of your email campaign and send schedules to the email content. A/B testing helps us find the right strategy for your email marketing campaign.

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Each client and their email marketing goals are different.Instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach, we add a personal touch and create campaigns according to the subscriber.

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Detailed Email Marketing Reports

We will create email campaigns tailored to your unique needs and provide you with detailed monthly reports. We will integrate email campaigns with Google analytics for better insights.

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We will search and examine small marketing software, digital platforms and email marketing strategies to provide the best email marketing services.

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Scale-up on

Want to increase sending frequency or need additional resources to scale your email campaign management? We are here to assist you at every step.

Explore a Wide Range of Email Marketing Services with Deftsoft

Enjoy targeted email marketing solutions and transparent packages with Deftsoft. We will help you at each stage, from strategy development to execution. With us, engage the right customers, build and scale automated marketing campaigns and determine how marketing and channels impact revenue. Being the top email marketing agency in India, we have helped thousands of businesses launch targeted email marketing campaigns that optimize time and budget. Have a look at our broad range of email marketing services.


Campaign and Template

Launching an effective email campaign is not enough to win the game. You have to constantly review email templates and email campaigns to get a clear picture of campaign performance. We will track and review performance from time to time, look into your email design, subject line and CTA to identify the problem.


Designing Custom,
Responsive Template

Want to create high-converting email templates? At Deftsoft, we will provide you with a library of email templates that match your branding and desired user experience. We provide superior responsive email template design that conforms to QA and testing and provide training to help you make proper use of these templates.


Creating Custom
Email Content

On average, 60% of people unsubscribe owing to irrelevant email content. Don't want to become a part of the list? Deftsoft will help by sending personalized email messages & share content based on your customer’s preferences. For tailor-made emails, we analyze online customer behavior & customize content accordingly.


Tracking Your Email

Through our monthly reports, get good idea of the performance of your email marketing campaign. Each report highlights engagement metrics, like open rates, click rates and conversions for each campaign sent over the past month. We are open to feedback; you can have a discussion with us if you need more explanation.


Testing Your
Email Campaigns

Through email campaign testing, we will ensure the purpose of the email is met at every stage. We will test the campaign before sending it out on the following grounds: call to action, landing pages, links provided, images, personalization and spam test. Our team performs A/B testing & multivariate testing & act accordingly.


Advanced Email
Marketing Strategies

In advanced email marketing strategies, we focus on increasing engagement rates, customer acquisition, improving customer retention & personalization. We analyze campaign goals and explore which advanced email marketing strategy will work.


Ongoing Management
And Optimization

If your email campaign is not optimized, you will lose valuable sales. To achieve the desired results from your email campaigns, constant tracking and optimization are necessary. Here we focus on additional segmentation, reducing text and optimizing CTA, and using visually interesting campaigns.


Email Marketing
Performance Audit

It’s important for businesses to stay current with the latest trends. We perform a B2C & B2B email marketing audit to determine key factors that impact your marketing success, identify and solve issues that prevent campaign success.


ESP Migration

Your current ESP is not in line with your e-commerce email marketing campaign? We will help you to migrate your existing campaign, template, and segmented contracts to a new ESP in no time. We provide support for big eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing

The answer differs from business to business. Going by the rule of thumb, you should send emails at the weekends and mornings when people generally open their emails. But, before sending out the email, check the behaviour of your audience. Experiment and then decide.

If you don’t have the time and resources to design, write, and test and tweak your email, count on a reliable email marketing firm. Deftsoft has a team of experienced email marketers who will create an effective strategy and execute it perfectly to give you desired results in the stipulated time. To avail of our services, get in touch with us!

To grow your subscriber list, offer incentives to the audience in exchange for subscribing to your emails. You can place the offer on the site, on your social media pages, on landing pages to create curiosity amongst your audience. Get the word around, and your leads will automatically come by signing in.

Well executed email marketing campaigns increase sales, stimulate and inspire the audience towards investing money in your products/services. To boost sales through the email marketing campaign, we will share the product’s testimonials and case studies to build trust and write creative email content to attract the audience.

To grow your subscriber list, offer incentives to the audience in exchange for subscribing to your emails. You can place the offer on the site, on your social media pages, on landing pages to create curiosity amongst your audience. Get the word around, and your leads will automatically come by signing in.